Down Go the Buckeyes

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Bhoudini (2-0)

Bhoudini went into their game against the Buckeyes and knew going in they had a shot at winning. They certainly did so, winning 69-67 in overtime. The duo of Charlie Farber and Edwin Urbina was sharp all game long as Farber scored a game-high 26 points and Urbina scored 20 points on 13 rebounds. Urbina has been grabbing rebounds from left to right and it's amazing to see a somewhat smaller gut grabbing a team-high in rebounds. They only committed five total fouls and the Buckeyes only went to the free throw line once, which was absolutely huge for Bhoudini. Keep up the great work Bhoudini.

2. Goodfellas (2-0)

Goodfellas was without their center in Kevin Kalua, but they still stopped the Boozers' Jason Salerno in the paint and beat him and the Boozers by a 66-56 final. Christopher Ford has been lights out this season as he scored a team-high 17 points while Brent Husson got himself 14 points on two big-time blocks. Stefan Hanania loves to play against the Boozers and he shined in this one, scoring 16 points on 10 boards. They team knows each other's game-style and they'll be a tough team to beat all season long

3. Buckeyes (1-1)

They finally lost a regular season game, as they fell to Bhoudini by two points in overtime. Joe Paulk scored a team-high 20 points on 13 rebounds while the duo of Paul Boag and Paul Sexton scored 10 points apiece. The Buckeyes simply turned the ball over a lot and missed some key shots late in the game. Dominic Pedotto scored18 points and was the only Buckeye to get to the free throw line as he went 1-1, that's it. They will bounce back before you know it.

4. OOMG (1-0)

OOMG received a bye week last week and this time around, they beat Old School 96-64. Most teams in the Vet B league doesn't score 90-plus points, but this OOMG team is capable of doing so all season long. Omar Cabahug, yes the Omar, scored a game-tying high 22 points making four shots from downtown. The duo of Josh Rolland and Juan Carter scored 14 points apiece while Michael Carboni drilled four treys, scoring 19 points. San Earl (12 points) and Mike Anderson (10 points) were the other two OOMG members to score in double figures. OOMG grabbed 54 big-time rebounds, including 13 offensive rebounds. Great first game of the season for OOMG.  

5. Old School (1-1) 

Old School got a wake up call this week as they fell to OOMG by 32 points. They were without their point guard Alex Cabrera and Shaun Story and that might've hurt them. Alexander Gonzalez had a lot of work to do as the big-man scored a game-tying-high 22 points on 14 rebounds and I'm sure OOMG's Josh Rollans was guarding him like crazy. Dan Lumello knew that he had to do something in this one as he made seven treys for 21 points, but it still wasn't enough to upset OOMG. Will GM Michael Loyd even play this season for Old School?

6. RudeDogs (1-1)

Too easy of a win for the RudeDogs as they beat Those Guys by a 78-55 final. Anthony Khotsikian scored a game-high 21 points and I'm he is a great addition now that James Rice won't be suiting up for the RudeDogs this season. Evan Hunt needed to be more of a scorer this season and that's what he's doing as he picked up 15 points on 11 rebounds. It was insane to see all six guys grabbing double figures in rebounds as they snatched a total of 71. GM Dan Orozco earned a double-double of 12 points and 11 rebounds and Anthony Bowe had a great game getting 11 points and 10 rebounds.

7. Alcoballics (1-0)

Great way to start their season as the Alcoballics beat 44 Minutes 83-46 in their season debut. Luis Maceira scored a game-high 20 points on 15 rebounds and . Robert Lew got himself 20 points, shooting 70 percent from the field. Kerry Knoll joined the Alcoballics and scored 11 points making two threes. Everyone contributed so well all game long and were facilitators too. 

8. Boozers (0-2)

I don't want to put the Buckeyes at the bottom spot, but after losing their first two games, they'll stay here, for now. I don't expect them to remain here anytime soon and once they get going, they'll move up for sure. Jason Salerno played his first game of the season, scoring 14 points. Greg Goorjian scored 21 points, going a perfect 7-7 from the charity stripe. This is one of Goorjian's specialities, drawing fouls and getting the free throw line a lot. They just have to find each other again and pick up the pieces from where they left off in the past.  

9. 44 Minutes (0-2)

Michael Cornachio scored 19 points as was the leading scorer, as usual, but 44 Minutes couldn't pick up the win as they fell to the Alcoballics by 37 points. They have the pieces to potentially move slightly above the nine spot, but it's tough to get wins when they rely on two guys, Cornachio and Jeremy Peltz. 

10. Those Guys (0-2)

Another game, another loss for Those Guys as they fell to the RudeDogs, losing by 33 points. Zee Shan scored a team-high 19 points and grabbed 10 rebounds while Lamont Harris Jr. picked up 17 points on five assists. Not really a whole lot to discuss with Those Guys except when will they get a win?