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PLANO: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Tyrese Boone | Plano Media Associate

Week 2 was the first night of all 12 teams competing. Four of the six games played went to the wire and even one of them went to overtime. Week 3 will be a chance for redemption, status and domination for all of these 12 teams this week

Here are your week three power rankings.

1. Older Tropics (2-0)

The Older Tropics keep the top spot on the rankings this week after a close game against Sniper Gang. Brian Gahan and Adam Allen played well on the offensive end although the team only produced 67 points on the night. However, their defensive presence has been there strength so far this season. The Tropics have held their opponents to an impressive 61 points per game. We’ll see if the tropics can continue their impressive play this week.

Next Matchup: Gym Class Heroes (0-2)

2. BWA (2-0)

BWA had impressive showing last game. They pulled of an impressive 41 point win against Ballin On A Budget mostly due to their production on offense. BWA shot well from the field (63 percent) and made more than half of their 3-point shots last game (30-54, 56 percent). This team is on a roll and looks to run over everyone of their opponents throughout the season.

Next Matchup: Role Models (2-0)

3. Push The Rock (2-0)

It was a battle the whole way, but Push The Rock showed their grit and aggressiveness in their 12-point win against Hoops There It Is. In the second half, Jonathon Hoops and Nick Haywood balled out and finished the game with 20-plus points and five rebounds each. The edginess this team has will keep their winning streak alive throughout the season. Hopefully these guys can keep it up.

Next Matchup: Ballin On A Budget

4. Role Models (2-0)

Role Models played a solid game this week, winning by nine against a competitive Nike team. All of their players scored in the double digits and shot above 50 percent from the field in the win. As of right now, the Role Models have been playing the best team basketball so far this season. This team has the momentum to win the rest of their games for the rest of the season if they keep playing this style of basketball.

Next Matchup: BWA (2-0)

5. The Soldiers (1-0)

The Soldiers pulled off a win in the closest game on the season. The soldiers had to go to overtime to walk with a 14-point win against the Gym Class Heroes. Akatobi, Goree and Warren led the way in the second half and overtime with a combined 63 points on the night (21 points each). The Soldiers are playing in mid season form and it was only their first game. Once this team gets better on defense, they’ll be hard to beat.

Next Matchup: Nike (1-1)

6. MMG (1-1)

MMG got their first win on the season by 56 points against a struggling Classic Ballers team. Kreston Martin (49 points, 14 rebounds) and Max Nakwaasah (23 points, 19 rebounds, and 14 assists) led the way on offense, leading their team to a season high in points last game. Let’s see if they can use this new found momentum to win more games.

Next Matchup: Hoops There It Is (0-2)

7. Nike (1-1)

The one thing I can say about this team is they have heart. Nike was down by 24 points at halftime and ended the game on an impressive run to cut the score down to a nine-point loss. Darryl and Turundus Luckett were the top performers for the team this week. Both scored well in the second half but it wasn’t enough to make a full comeback. This team is looking for a win this week to bounce back to the top of the standings.

Next Matchup: The Soldiers (1-0)

8. Sniper Gang (0-1)

Sniper Gang was competitive in their 10-point loss against the reigning champs. Derrick Aimes and Kobie Douglas played well and were scoring buckets with ease. However, the team struggled on offense as a whole, only scoring 57 points on the night. On the bright side, it was only their first game so they have a chance to get better work on their game. Sniper Gang will be looking to win its first game of the year against the Classic Ballers.

Next Matchup: Classic Ballers (0-2)

9. Hoops there It Is! (0-2)

Although Hoops There It Is lost last game, they showed a lot of potential for what’s to come. Tony Williams played in his first game this week and gave the team what they’ve been missing (18 points, 10 rebounds). However, it wasn’t enough to pull off the win. Once this team can get their first win on the season, they have the potential alone to win the rest of their games this season. As long as these guys can figure it out, I see wins in Hoops There It Is future.

Next Matchup: MMG (1-1)

10. Gym Class Heros (0-2)

Clemons and Jablonski had another standout game once again, but ended up losing in overtime against the soldiers. However, this was their best showing all season. They played well on both sides of the ball and their team chemistry has improved dramatically. Hopefully these guys will win their first game sooner than later.

Next Matchup: Older Tropics (2-0)

11. Ballin On A Budget (0-2)

All of Ballin On A Budget starters played well, but could not stop BWA defensively at all last game. In their first two games of the season, they have allowed their opponents to score 120-plus a game. They will need to improve on defense if they want a chance to win games throughout the latter part of the season. Jeffery Larsen and Isaac Rhodia will have to play even harder for their team to have a winning chance in the rest of their games.

Next Matchup: Push The Rock(2-0)

12. Classic Ballers (0-2)

Classic Ballers struggles to find rhythm in their second loss of the season. The Ballers seems to have problems on the both sides of the ball which has led them to getting blown out last game. However, there are still a lot of games left in the season to improve. Robert Cheem and Frank Gray will have to find ways to play better as a whole to get their first win.

Next Matchup: Sniper Gang (0-1)

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