Let’s Do This Again Inches Closer to the Hooligans


SYOSSET VET: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator  

1. Hooligans (2-0)

Jay Harris and the Hooligans are off to a hot start. From top to bottom the Hooligans are one of the most complete teams in the league. Through the first two games they haven’t been challenged that well by the shorthanded Ballerz or Shooting Stars. They have taken advantage of their matchups and in the process started to build chemistry with the newest Hooligan team member Stephen Sombrotto. We’ll see if they can keep it up in Week 3.

2. Let’s Do This Again (2-0)

Adam Sutton and his Let’s Do This Again team have also played great to start their season. They rank near the top in just about every category and most importantly they are playing great basketball on both sides of the ball.

The duo of Jared Wulfow and Adam Sutton has worked well with Sutton leading the way scoring the ball and Wulfow setting him and the rest of the team up with his great passing. As a team they move the ball very well and they find the open guy which has lead them to be second in the league in team assists. Teamwork in the Vets league is usually a recipe for success.

3. Ballerz (1-1)

The Ballerz are coming off a huge win in triple overtime against the Walking Dead. Their roster was put to the test with their depth in that game with major minutes being played. Guys stepped up and led them to a win. With everyone back and on the court the Ballerz looked like the number one ranked team from the preseason rankings. Top to bottom they have one of the best rosters that is similar to the Hooligans. They have a lot of weapons and a go to guy in Mike Seff who can get a bucket when they need one.

4. Dream Team (1-1)

The Dream Team comes in at the number four spot, but their only win so far is against the Shooting Stars. They were put to the test against Let’s Do This Again last week and suffered a bad loss. Chris Albano and Mike Venuti have both played well, but as a team they rank near the bottom in points per game.

For this team to take the next step they need their role players to contribute more offensively. If they can spread the ball around more and continue to get big games from Albano and Venuti they will be a much-improved team.

5. Walking Dead (0-2)

The Walking Dead have played in two very close games and come up short in both. They are coming off a really tough loss in triple overtime to the Ballerz, but they played very well. They are much better than their 0-2 record indicates they are. They are a few plays away from being 2-0 right now and I expect them to get on the board with a win very soon. Tom Dimicelli has had a great start to the season leading the league in scoring at 30 points per game while shooting 52 percent from the field. If Dimicelli can stay hot the Walking Dead will be on their way to a better record.

6. Shooting Stars (0-2)

The Shooting Stars haven’t been able to catch a break this season. In week one they lost Justin Dattolo who was the first pick in the draft and they have been short for both games this season. The best thing in this league is availability and some important pieces to the team have been out. Until Dattolo can return from his injury the Shooting Stars are going to continue to struggle. It’s going to be hard for Alain Wehder to carry the team against the rest of the league that has more depth than they do.

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