Keep the Train Rolling

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FORT WORTH: Week 3 Predictions

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

So far my picks are good 83 percent of the time as I am 5 of 6 so far this season. So what if my point spread may be off from time to time. Being a sports bookie is only fifth on my list of job descriptions. But enough about me, where will this week's matchups end up? Here are this week's predictions.

7 p.m. - Pink Flamingos (1-1) vs. Ball Don't Lie (1-1)

The Pink Flamingos returned to their winning ways after a tough convincing win over the Rough Riders last week. Ball Don't Lie also returned to the winner's circle with their blowout victory over HFTC. I feel the perimeter match-ups are even as both teams have some outside shooters, good ball handling, and some defensive stoppers.

The difference in this game will come in the paint. The Birds' big men are more athletic than Ball Don't Lie's. Cody Brazelton is coming off his poorest performance in the league and still had 19 points and 8 rebounds. I look for him to bounce back (if that is even needed after a 19/8 game). Pierre Tompkins has his best game and looks to carry that confidence with him moving forward. Ball Don't Lie's Danny Garcia and Carl Granger have been a little quiet so far this season. Could this week be the breaking out period? 

Prediction: Pink Flamingos 78- Ball Don't Lie 69

8 p.m. - LT Colleyville  (2-0) vs. HFTC (0-2)

The name of this article says it perfectly, "Keep the Train Rolling". This LT Colleyville train is moving full steam ahead. They have two blowout victories. Could this be number three? Beau Muhlbach played well as did scorer Demond Mallet who broke and now holds the league record for points in a game with 41, previous record was 38. I had a feeling Matt Kaler, team captain, was bringing some guys over that could play and they have not disappointed.

HFTC simply could not score a bucket last week shooting 23 percent for the game as a team. They will have to make buckets to keep this one close and have any chance. If they can knock some buckets down early and gain some confidence that will help tremendously. They have last season’s All-League Honorable Mention player, Brian Butterweck. They need to feed him more. Colleyville doesn't have a good matchup against him size wise. The return of shooting guard Malcolm Smith could help in the scoring options for HFTC. 

Prediction: LT Colleyville 96- HFTC 64

9 p.m. - Rough Riders (1-1) vs. Pine Riders (1-1)

I can guarantee you that the Riders are going down in this game. Question is, which ones? Both teams are coming off a loss and will look to regain some mojo. The Rough Riders were at full strength with a few late stragglers in their tough loss to the Birds. The Pine Riders were short-handed in their blowout loss to LT Colleyville with big man, Dwayne McDonald, out and then Mike Majdeski dislocating his finger about five minutes in and missing the rest of the game.

I think this game could be a good close game with a little bit of chess playing as the teams are successful in different areas. The big question will be can anyone match-up and stop Dwayne McDonald inside? Like I said, I do expect this one to be close.

Prediction: Rough Riders 64- Pine Riders 68

Prove me right or prove me wrong, either way, see you on the court!