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AUSTIN: Week 3 Predictions

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Arsenal vs. Professors

Arsenal and the Professors usually play really close games against each other, but Arsenal’s addition of Johnathan Maxwell creates yet another mismatch on the floor that the Professors will have to overcome. The Professors will be out-gunned in this game and we aren’t sure that they can match Arsenal’s intensity.

Prediction: Arsenal wins 82-70

8 p.m. - Austin Heat vs. N.U.K

NUKs lost a very close game last week to the Blaze, and they will be out to right the ship this week. The Heat have a lot of things to work out in terms of spacing and personnel, and the NUKs are not the team to try to work out your kinks on. The Heat will still show up and play tough, but they will fade midway through the second half. Plus, we don’t see the NUKs losing twice in a row. That almost never happens.

Prediction: NUKs wins 87-74

9 p.m. - Shots Fired vs. The Blaze

The Blaze have been looking okay over the past two weeks, and we are hoping to see them finally dominate a team with their bigs. This will be a good week to showcase what having Ira Clark and Russell Permenter on the same team should mean in this league. Shots Fired has a lot of talented guards, but they don’t have the size to match up with the Blaze. That will be the difference this week.

Prediction: Blaze wins 90-81


10 p.m. - Lifetime Elite vs. Team Finesse

Team Finesse is taking the league by storm opening their first season 2-0, but this upcoming game against Lifetime Elite will be their first real test. Led my Payton Simon, we know that this team is athletic and can score, but LE is a complete team that moves the ball to perfection, and now they have a physical wing player in Josh Twine to go with their team ball philosophy. It will be a battle early on, but the veterans will make enough plays to win late.  

Prediction: Lifetime Elite wins 75-71

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