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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

With yours truly having maxed out at 3 hours of sleep per night this week, words aren’t flowing quite quickly as possible, so let’s dive right into these before my brain powers down.

1. Drip Too Hard (2-0)

Been here before, but Christian Bower…’nuff said. Shoutout to secret weapon D. Hubbard, who’s hot off a career-high 17 points this last weekend in Palm Valley.

2. Full Court Pressure (2-0)

A balanced squad 1-5, the real breakout player through the first two weeks here is Terrill Clayburne, who’s been absolutely cooking to start the season, averaging 30.5 points and nearly a triple-double overall.  Big man Chris Allen looks like a clutch addition for what’s thus far the league’s top offense AND defense (points for vs allowed).

3. D4G (1-1)

Erick Booker was onto something drafting sharpshooter Carlos Nosie, absolutely on a tear with 29 PPG this season and nearly 35 PPG over his last six games.  Shoutout to Draymond Green-esque imitator Brent Woods, who’s coming back to life after a mellow season.

4. Road Runners (1-1)

Week 1 was messy, but with the real squad this last week, Road Runners were a very different monster, knocking off a tough D4G squad.  Mr 50-Ball Tae Fox is taking things up a notch this week, guaranteeing a mammoth box score at risk of owing Dakota.  Against league-best defense FCP, that could be a risky bet.

5. The Chris Walkers (1-1)

With a name this perfect, one might be startled by the not-as-perfect record, but these guys are just two points away from an undefeated start.  Richard Waldron is playing more aggressive ball than ever, attacking the rim with fury, currently ninth in scoring and second league-wide in FT’s per game, and Omar Duran is still a serious threat to drop 40 if he gets hot.  With marksman Danny Sievers back this week, this ranking could go way up in a hurry.

6. Generation Z (1-1)

Speaking of FT attempts, no one in the state is averaging more than Jayton Holmes, with more than 12 per game, setting a tone for his entire squad.  Thomas Aranda is hungry to prove himself, as is the whole team, and they’re a real threat to make noise this week.

7. Terror Squad (0-2)

Low due to their shaky record, TS has all the pieces for a big season, once chemistry finally comes together and the whole team is healthy.  Player to watch: high-flyer Ray Estrella.

8. Bombers (0-2)

Still no good news for these guys.  We’ll see if coming injury replacements help bring this shaky bunch to life.

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