Carlos English Helps Vault Dat Ain't Fair into First Place


SHELBY: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Amber Rasho | Shelby Media Associate

1. Dat Ain’t Fair (2-0)

Heading into the third week of our Fall Rec League here at the Shelby club, DAF remains to be the only undefeated team in the league. Last week they showed an impressive win against the previous Summer league champions, Justice League. By winning the game by just 3 points, the team held their own in a big win. Carlos English showed to make an impact on the squad with putting up 35 points in the big win. Hopefully the team can continue their success with their current undefeated record.

2. Justice League (1-1)

Justice league is also a team that has updated their roster this season. Las week, Matthew Mullins racked up a double double with 20 points and 10 rebounds in the tough loss against DAF. While being one of the four teams with a 1-1 record, they hope to gather a win this week to keep them high in the rankings.

3. Goblin Skillz (1-1)

With the great win against Balken Brother Brand, Goblin Skillz wrack up their first win of the season. Vaughan Gray racks up 25 points to lead the team to victory. With this team’s successful history throughout Ultimate Hoops, it is certain that there will be more wins in this team’s future.

4. Y-Lie (1-1)

Taking a look at the past game, Y-Lie prevailed with the overtime win by finishing with a final box score of 69-68. New to their team, Alex Dobiasz lead the team in scoring with 22 points to finish the game. With a great team performance, Y-Lie got the big win and hopes to show this sense of competition in the remainder of the season. 

5. All or Nothing (1-1)

Taking a look at this team, they have added more players and depth to their roster. Big man on the team, Emmanuel Washington has proven to be a defensive threat by leading the team in averaging the highest numbers in rebounds, steals and blocks. With their updated new roster, we will see as these new players adjust to their new squad. 

6. Balkan Brother Brand (0-2)

Coming into the third week, BBB have been the underdogs of the league, but do not let the record fool you. Alek Kume remains to be one of our top performers by averaging a beyond impressive 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 4.5 assists. The young guard has proved his success to play with the big dogs in the league, now we will see if he can carry his team to a win this week. 

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