Can the Las Vegas Bones Live Up to the Preseason Hype?


SUMMERLIN DRAFT:  Week Two Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate

6:30 p.m. - Las Vegas RatPack (1-0) vs. Las Vegas Bones (0-1)

This is the matchup I am expecting to see come title game time but only one of the teams lived up to the hype last week.  The new look RatPack dominated the Las Vegas Sin last week 105-64.  This team is loaded with offensive firepower and I think this week we will see much more of the same from this RatPack team.  I like the duo of Bobby Mears and the UH rookie Nathaniel Burgess.  Last week Burgess showed his ability to score from any where on the court be going for 41.  His skill set fits really nice with Mears and the two of them is going to be a handful for a Bones team that struggled a week ago.  If both Mears and Burgess can get going then you can forget about this one. 

The Bones will need to shoot a lot better than last week.  They were a dismal 34 percent from the field in their loss and almost shot better from deep as they shot 30 percent from there.  This team will need Max Miller-Hooks to play a big time game this week and look to bring the intensity on defense.  His energy and effort is the key for the team and they will need a big time performance from him.  Also look out for Grant Lewis.  He is always quietly getting double doubles but he needs to get much more aggressive and take over in the paint.  I think the Bones will make some big strides this week but I don’t think they will have the answer for Mears and company.  The RatPack move to 2-0.

 Prediction: Las Vegas RatPack- 93, Las Vegas Bones- 79


7:30 p.m. Las Vegas Sin (0-1) vs. Las Vegas Dealers (1-0)

This game is very interesting to me because I really didn’t think the Dealers would have much luck this season and well look what they did they upset my pick to win the league in week one.  The Sin look to be a mess but help could be on the way this week in John Lazosky.  Lazo is quite possibly one of the best scorers in all of UH right now and his presence alone makes the Sin much better. 

The Dealers played some hard nose basketball last week and they are going to win with defense.  GM Ryan Geurts will need to lead this team in scoring and Bryan Lebo will have to work that mid range game to perfection.  The Sin need Lazo and need Lazo to score.  If the Sin utilizes what Lazo does best then I think they can win some games.  I am just concerned about the Sin having a lot of guys who want the ball and their shots.  Something will have to give tomorrow night but I will go with the Dealers this week. 

Prediction: Las Vegas Dealers- 75, Las Vegas Sin- 69