Andiamo: The Last Unbeaten


BERGEN COUNTY: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Brian Ciano | Bergen County Media Associate

1. Andiamo

As the only undefeated and having beaten the No. 2 and No. 3 teams in these rankings, Andiamo is clearly the top team in the league until someone shows us otherwise. It's nearly impossible to keep them off the boards or scheme to stop their two stars defensively.

Next Up: Ball-Up

2. Ferrall Ballerz

They rebounded with a nice win over the much improved Ball-Up team, not letting an early deficit stop them from getting their first win of the year. Now that their full roster is back, they should be able to establish themselves as potential title contenders.

Next Up: Harry's Pub

3. Bergen Tropics

They were able to match the top team shot for shot for the first 10 minutes of their matchup, but failed to sustain it. While the revamped roster has a lot to like, they are going to need to show they have more depth on the offensive end if they want to crack the title talk.

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4. Ball-Up

They showed that they are not going to be the leagues doormat anymore with Kyle Buckley and Michael Barry. This team is going to be a tough team to play each week and will hopefully be able to get themselves into playoff contention for the first time.

Next Up: Andiamo

5. Harry's Pub

We didn't get to see if they could have a better showing than their first game since they were on the bye. They will need to gel a lot more this week to try and get out of the cellar.

Next Up: Ferrall Ballerz