New Faces, New Teams…Same Goals and Same Dreams

Fall 2018 week 1 power.jpg

WESTMINSTER: Preseason Power Rankings

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

1. Impact Basketball

Defending champs and back for the three-peat is Impact Basketball. Led by Beau Barney, Ultimate Hoops Westminster’s all-time leading scorer. He is bringing back the likes of Ryan Mathews, Andre Hines, and Warren Lindberg, who rode with him on their last run. Also bringing back Imran Sufi and Rob Dobson. They will be losing Byrd, who was a straight terror on D. Like Michael Myers type horror. But, picking up two guys that know the league and have the skills to pay the bills, is also a win. They were under their 100 point per game average as a team maybe with the extra fire power they can get back to that.

2. Fire Squad Elite

This team was oh so close to getting the No. 1 spot but with the loss of one of the top guys in Chris Morgan, Fire Squad Elite will have to settle for the 2 spot. They will have 2 of the top guys in the league returning in Zach Snyder and Omar Juarez. Both had monster seasons and looking to start back where they left off. They will also have their 2 guards back, Alfredo and Daniel. Alfredo probably had his best season in summer. So let’s hope he is still brining it with the changing of the seasons. Fire Squad has always played tight D and is up-tempo on offense. Watch for their swarming Defense and quick hitting speed all season.

3. Tha Crew

Tha Crew is trying something new and exploring new options with the roster. They will be bringing back the Summer Rookie of the Year, Duvailer Johnson. 164 points, 104 rebounds, 75 assists, and 32 steals in 10 games….yes 10. He will also have Jaliel Randle and Cay Granger. With the additions of A.J. Soto and Jeremy Vaughn they will now have subs and shooters that's able to knock them from deep. After making it to the semi's last season they are hoping to change this seasons tone. Definetly not trying to start out 0-4 this season. 

4. Hand Down Man Down

Depending on if these guys get their act together, Hand Down…Man Down has the 4 spot. If they can get a full five from any of the last two seasons they should be strong. Ramos should be able to get guys like Carlos Luna, Blake Irwin, and Matt Rice which all three can get buckets and play the game. Now if they are able to add anyone with any ability they will be a force. Usually one of the top rebounding teams and one of the only teams to beat Fire Squad in the regular season. If I knew for sure they could get those guys plus Justin Meineke they easily be a top-three team. 

5. Oh Boy

The core for Oh Boy is ready for more when it comes to fall ball. Just riddled with injuries last season they will be adding Richard Peterson and Vince Rogers to help them get thru the season. Both are high level ball players; Richard being the vet to Ultimate Hoops and Vince the rookie. I will be leading the team with Deandre and Aaron Townsend. Deandre coming off a twenty and ten season and Aaron ending with 19 points per game. With Ryan Harris and Bradley ready for their second season with Oh Boy, look for them to turn it up this season.


Aaron Lohmann is bringing another team from the south this time with the team’s name MGTOW. Marvin Augustine and Adam Collette are his usual suspects. And the rest of his roster I am clueless on. Marvin and Adam are a good enough start to tell you this much. Adam can shoot the lights out and Marvin is load to handle aka juggernaut. With a scouting report can't tell you much more.

7. Bucket Getterz

Erick decided to switch up things again with his squad and grab a whole new one. He will have Daniel Prieto and Jason Wenell, two Westminster vets that fit well on any team. Paired up with Umar Kahn off The Hoopers and Berto Lara off Fire Squad. The combination of the two pairs should be a good fit. All guys on the squad play both ways and play with a lot heart. Looking forward to see who is going to lead this group as it’s a lot of good role players on one team. Late addition Jarrett Green all the way from AZ will be lacing up for the Bucket Getterz as well; it should sure up the guard play for the BG's.

8. Long Shots

The team of the Long Shots is getting a tough rank only because they are starting a week late. Derek and Brad Elliot kept the core of Griffin and Joey. These four right here have played the last two seasons together; last season pulling off the huge upset against H.D.M.D. So they have guys that can get it done. They lead the league in scoring but couldn't stop anyone from getting buckets. They need to stiff up on D and they should have a good season

9. The Hoopers

One of the fittest & grittiest teams last season, The Hoopers just lost half their squad. Chris Ellis is hanging tough with Devin Joe and D.J. and loses Mitchell, Tim and Umar. That's a tough hole to fill considering one was the team’s best rebounder in Mitch. And Tim was their playmaker by the end of the season. Let’s hope Chris can do some patch work. At one point nobody wanted The Hoopers smoke with what they were bringing to the table

10. Under Dogs

Rodney Anderson and the Under Dogs got their work cut out for them. They were unable to put a W on the board and are losing Ron Taylor before the season starts. They will be getting new comer Jason Krutz entering his first season who is bringing some size to the team. Rodney is coming off another great season but only got in 4-5 games they will need him any night he is available. Vitor Marin is hoping to have a better shooting season as he will be counted on to knock down shots. Adam Scharpf is another guy that should be looking to turn it up this season as he turned do tons of open looks to get other guys open