Can WTF JR? Slow Down the Scoring Explosion of Ball is Life?


SUMMERLIN REC: Week Three Predictions

 By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


BAR (0-2) vs. Beacon (0-2)

Two struggling teams who are finding it very difficult to score will face off in a huge week three battle.  Both BAR and Beacon come in at 0-2 and need this game to jumpstart their seasons.  BAR comes in dead last in the league averaging only 55.5 PPG and Beacon is ranked eighth averaging 64 PPG. 

One of these two teams will need to breakout this week.  I got a hunch we will finally see BAR break out of this funk they are in.  Last week they hung tough for a half but just ran out of steam.  I am expecting a better performance out of BAR this week and I am hoping we finally see the debut of Landon Tenwolde and NFZ Travis Scribner this week. 

Beacon hasn’t found that chemistry yet.  It will be very interesting to see how this team comes back this week after their loss to Recspekt last week.  They really battled tough in Week 1 in a loss to WTF JR? and last week they just got flat out beat up by the champs.  If the Milner brothers can figure out how to co exist with Tim Parelli and Tyler McCammon then this team can cause some problems.  This is a big week for Beacon to figure what type of team they want to be.  We will see if they can come together.  Look for this game to be a slugfest and I got a feeling Beacon will hit a few more shots than BAR.  Beacon gets the win but it won’t be pretty.

Prediction: Beacon- 65, BAR- 57

Ball is Life (2-0) vs. WTF JR? (2-0)

This will be our first real big matchup of the season as we get Ball is Life taking on WTF JR?  Both teams are 2-0 and are coming off impressive victories a week ago.   One of these two teams can stake claim as the No. 2 team in the league after this game and will have the early inside track on avoiding Recspekt in the playoffs.  Expect this game to be entertaining and physical. 

Ball is Life comes in off a record performance a week ago and the trio of Bobby Mears, Chris Ford, and Mihail Kocevski has to be the most potent trio in the league.  Ball is Life is averaging 127 PPG so far this season and they will be looking to continue that torrid scoring pace this week.  WTF JR?  will definitely be a much stiffer challenge for Ball is Life but the addition of Kocevski to this team has been the difference so far.  His ability to score and get his teammates involved is something that really was missing with the squad and will be big this week against WTF JR?  Keep an eye on newcomer Allen McFarland this week.  He will be a big piece I believe against at very physical front line of WTF JR?

WTF JR? comes in with the No. 1 defense through two games and they will need that defense to play big if they want to knock off the scoring explosion of Ball is Life.  I am looking at three guys for WTF JR?  to make an impact on defense this week.  They are John Murillo, Max Miller-Hooks IV, and Anthony Khotslkian.  Those three guys need to be ready to bang in the paint and bring the intensity.  I am confident that WTF JR? is going to score with Sean Breen and Max Miller-Hooks leading the way but they need to impose their physical nature right from the opening tip and send a message to Ball is Life that they are not intimated by them and they are not going to let them just run up and down the court and score like they have shown the ability to.  It really is going to be a battle of two different styles and something will have to give. 

I do not think this game will be a blowout and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it come down to the final minutes.  I am going to go with Ball is Life because this season I think they finally have a difference maker on the roster in Mihail and he will be the difference this coming Tuesday.

 Prediction: Ball is Life- 91, WTF JR? - 86

Recspekt (2-0) vs. Hickory Huskers (1-1)

I have a feeling this game is going to be ugly. Recspekt has looked even better than I though this season and now with the addition of Edward Vaughns this team is even more dangerous. Recspekt has won their first two games each by 24 points and in both those games they really took their foot off the accelerator in the second half. 

This week against Hickory they will have mismatches all over the court and I expect Recspekt to really take advantage of them.  This is a game that Stefan Hanania, Charles DeJonette, and Edward Vaughns should dominate.  Hickory will try to shoot a lot of three’s and Kerry Knoll and Ryan Geurts will do everything they can to keep it close.  I just don’t see Recspekt taking this game lightly and look for them to come out on fire and to put a beat down on the Huskers.

 Prediction: Recspekt- 107, Hickory Huskers- 84

Easy Go Travelers (1-1) vs. HYR Life (0-2)

Our second 7:30 game isn’t going to be much better than our first one as we get Easy Go taking on HYR Life.  Last week HYR Life only scored 41 points in a loss and really struggled to get anything going on offense or defense.  I don’ t see this week being much different for them.  Easy Go comes in at 1-1 and in all honesty probably should be 2-0 but the record is what it is.  Easy Go really begun to show signs last week of coming together as a team especially on defense. 

The inside combination of JJ Todd and Mike Smiljanic are finding their way together and are really doing a great job of protecting the paint.  The offense is led by Kenny McNeil and Tij Von Nieda who are hurting teams that are leaving them open.  This should be another game for Easy Go to work out the kinks before the schedule gets tough next week.  The good news for Easy Go is that Sam Earl will be making his long awaited Summerlin debut in week four. 

Prediction: Easy Go Travelers- 98, HYR Life- 69

Chris’s Angels (1-1) vs. SP 101 (1-1)

Our final game of the night will be a matchup between the Chris’s Angels and SP 101.  Last week SP 101 gave up two rec league scoring records and this week I am concerned they may score the lowest amount of points in rec league history.  Chris’s Angels flexed their muscles last week after a humiliating week on loss. 

Adam Schmitt is the man to watch once again and look for him to have his way with SP 101.  The Angels had only five guys in attendance last week and gave up only 41 points.  The duo of Schmitt and Benji Roufs is going to be a legit pair for any team to deal with all season long.  Adam brings a little bit of everything to the table and Roufs is full of energy and gives this team a spark they may have been lacking in seasons past.  This game will not be close at all.

Prediction: Chris’s Angels- 103, SP 101- 62