Ball Is Life Rewriting the Rec League Record Books


SUMMERLIN REC:  Week 3 Power Rankings

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate

1. Recspekt (2-0)

Another easy week for the three time defending champs as Recspekt defeated Beacon 96-72.  Edward Vaughns who scored 34 points on 67 percent shooting from the field led Recspekt.  Stefan Hanania also had 15 points to help lead the way for Recspekt. 

Its apparent once again that Recspekt is the king of the court in Summerlin rec this season and looking at their schedule they should be 7-0 heading into the week eight showdown Ball is Life.  I don’t see anyone beating this squad at this very moment.  Too complete, too good, and they still have the best chemistry in the league.  Next victim for Recspekt is the Hickory Huskers.

2. Ball Is Life (2-0)

Pretty nice week for Ball is Life this past week I’d say.  They defeated SP 101 157-79 in a game that saw Ball is Life set the team scoring record at 157 and Mihail Kocevski set a new rec league individual scoring record with 68 points on 28-34 shooting.  He also had 15 rebounds, 12 assists, 6 steals, 8-13 from three, and made all four of his free throws.  Just a phenomenal game by Mihail and a big time blow out by Ball is Life. 

This team has a ton of weapons especially with MVP Chris Ford and Bobby Mears on this squad as well.  Look for this team to continue to get better every week and we should see them tested this week as they WTF JR? in the game of the week.

3. WTF JR? (2-0)

The fighting Brad Coughlin’s looked impressive last week as the defeated the Hickory Huskers 114-82.  Max Miller-Hooks had himself a night as he scored 42 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 assists which was a monster triple double to lead WTF JR?  Sean Breen and Max Miller-Hooks IV both had 24 points as well.  WTF JR?  is picking up right where they left off a season ago but playing some much more explosive basketball on the offensive end of the court. 

If they can get some big contributions moving forward from Anthony Khotslkian and John Murillo then this team will be extremely hard to beat.  WTF JR? has a huge test this week as they get the red hot Ball is Life team. 

4.  Chris’s Angels (1-1)

Well the real Angels stepped up last week and man did they look like a force to be reckoned with.  The Angels took care of HYR Life 102-41 and showed the league that when they have Adam Schmitt they are a different team.  Schmitt returned after missing week one and had his usual game scoring 30 points, grabbing 11 boards, and blocking 2 shots. 

Adam Ward scored 32 points and had 10 rebounds and 10 assists for a triple double to compliment Schmitt.  The Angels showed off their stifling defense holding HYR Life to 41 points and the impressive thing is the Angels only had five guys.  This team will only get better as they get the rest of their guys there and that chemistry gets stronger.  Should be an easy win in week three for the Angels as they get SP 101.

5. Hickory Huskers (1-1)

Hickory came back to reality last week in falling to defeat to WTF JR? 114-82.  Hickory didn’t have the luxury of picking up guys who were not on their roster but kudos to them for actually having five guys this past week.  All five guys scored in double figures for Hickory led by Kerry Knoll with 19.  Jared Feldman had 15 points in his Hickory Husker debut and he also knocked down 5-8 threes.  

Moving forward for Hickory they are without question going to struggle.  I think only having five guys is really going to hurt this squad and for them to have any shot in their remaining games they are going to have to hope for a shoot out.  Hickory has the champs this coming week.

6. Easy Go Travelers (1-1)

Is Easy Go the sixth best team in the league?  I don’t think so but based on their head to head loss to Hickory this is where they fall this week.  Easy Go picked up their first win of the season last week defeating BAR 79-55.  It was a much better performance by a team trying to find their way as a team. 

Kenny McNeil scored 24 points connecting on eight threes to lead Easy Go.  Tij Von Nieda chipped in 18 and Mike Smiljanic had 16.  JJ Todd had eight more blocks in this one and was very disappointed he did not get the chance to go head to head with NFZ Travis Scribner.  Week three sees HYR Life next for Easy Go. 

7. Beacon (0-2)

This team is 0-2 but I think they have the best chance of any remaining team on the power rankings to make any move the rest of the season.  Last week they lost to Recspekt 96-72 but did show some signs of life.  Tim Parelli had 19 points and 13 rebounds and the kept the game fairly even with Recspekt in the second half. 

If Beacon wants to make a move they have to improve on their shooting.  Last week they shot 39 percent from the field and 31 percent from three.  A lot of their shot selection is highly questionable and they need to look at what type of team they want to be.  They cannot have guys shoot 9-23 from the field and expect to be in ball games.  They need to get everyone involved and hope Devin Dunn returns soon.  This week Beacon gets BAR.

8. BAR (0-2)

BAR like Beacon can still salvage their season but it needs to turn around this week or I think it could be tough for BAR.  Last week BAR showed their usual spunk against Easy Go but didn’t have enough in falling to them 79-55.  BAR was able to get up 81 shots against Easy Go but couldn’t capitalize on the looks they got.  They shot 28 percent from the field and 22 percent from three. 

BAR desperately needs Landon Tenwolde to show up and be the playmaker they are truly missing.  Also where is NFZ Travis Scribner?  This team has some pieces but they need these two if they want any chance to compete.  This week they have a huge battle with Beacon.

9. SP 101 (1-1)

Tough week for SP 101 especially for a team coming off a big week one win.  SP 101 lost big to Ball Is Life 157-79 and also gave up to scoring records to Ball Is Life in that game.  SP 101 had a really nice performance from Carson Hambleton who scored 23 points in the loss. 

What SP 101 needs to do is put this game behind them and move on.  This team is much more talented than the Free Agent teams in season’s past and I believe they will win a few more games this season.  Next up for SP 101 is a date with Chris’s Angels. 

10. HYR Life (0-2)

41 points that is all HYR life could score last week in a loss to Chris’s Angels.  If you remember in Week 1 Nathaniel Burgess scored 40 by himself for this squad.  HYR Life scored 40 less than they did in Week 1 and couldn’t get anything going against the Angels.  Burgess did lead the team with 15 this week but the HYR Life squad really struggled shooting 23 percent from the field for the game.  Like SP 101 they need to put this game behind them and focus on the rest of the season.  Next up for HYR Life is the Easy Go Travelers.