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DALLAS: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate

1. BYA

This past week BYA took on the defending champs and showed why they are always in the title conversation each season as they knocked off Dem Boyz in the season opener, ruining the ring ceremony for Maxx Nakwaasah and crew.  The offseason addition of Mike Swisher to the roster appears to be exactly what BYA was hoping for as he had a team-high 21 points off the bench.  Swisher and BYA will look to continue their winning ways this week against the Saggy Jammers.

2. Dem Boyz

The defending champs are off to a rocky start after falling to BYA 81-69 to open the season.  A DNP from reigning MVP Jemarri Gunn was less than ideal for Dem Boyz.  While the team seeks to redevelop its core unit after losing Antonio Harris in the offseason, they have to be encouraged by the performance of Justin Mozley, who picked up right where he left off after a three season hiatus, leading all scorers with 22 points on 75 percent shooting, including a perfect 3-3 from downtown.  Dem Boyz will look to turn things around this week against the Free Agents.

3. Saggy Jammers

Like a fine wine, these Jammers seem to only get better with age. Every new season I think father time is going to catch up with them and yet they never seem to miss a step.  This season looks to be no different as the Jammer opened the season with a 81-63 win over the Scoregasms. 

One advantage these Jammers have over other teams in the league is long term chemistry as their starting five has been together for the past 10-12 seasons, and it shows.  Each starter scored in double figures with Bryan Rollings leading the way with 25.  Look for the Jammers to climb in the rankings this season as they compile tough wins like they did this past week.  Their next challenge will come against BYA in Week 2.

4. Scoregasms

The second place finishers from last season took an early loss to open this winter season as they were adjusting to two major additions to their roster in EJ Nevarez and Nick Choate.  The Scoregasms are attempting to fill the void left by the loss of Anson Bartlett, consistently one of the top players in the league over the past several years. 

Nevarez and Choate are great pick ups to bridge any drop off in production as Choate led the team in scoring with 15 points, and  Nevarez contributed 11 points of his own this past week.  Under the leadership of Staton Standridge this team will look to get back on to a winning track in Week 2 against Side Hustle and make a move up in the power rankings.

5. Side Hustle

Side Hustle opened this season inking out a hard fought, one point win against The Shockers.  Side Hustle was led by Spencer Barrett’s 25 points on 56 percent shooting, including 50 percent from deep.  One thing that has hurt Barrett’s productivity in the past are his percentages from the field.  If he keeps up these numbers expect him to be an MVP front runner early on this season.

6. The Shockers

The Shockers experienced a heart breaker in the season opener falling to Side Hustle 76-75.  The Shockers were led by Carson Liesfelt’s 23 points.  Liesfelt will be a key addition for this team looking to be competitive as they reenter the league after taking a few seasons off.  Another bright spot for the Shockers was the ever-improving game of Adrian Miller. Miller had 16 points off the bench, most of which came from the three point arc where he was 4-13 on the night.  The Shockers will look to get into the win column this week against The Morning Crew.

7. The Morning Crew

A new addition to the league and the power rankings this week is The Morning Crew.  A roster of unknowns looking to make an impact starting next week.  We look forward to seeing what they bring to the league and if they can climb these power rankings quickly with a few quality wins out of the gate, starting with their Week 2 match up against The Shockers.

8. Free Agents

The Free Agents will have a lot to prove coming off their bye week, as the addition of The Morning Crew has the Free Agents dropping in the rankings without playing a game. Just another added chip on the shoulder of this assortment of players looking to establish themselves in the DAC Ultimate Hoops League.  They carry that chip into a tough match up against the defending champs, Dem Boyz in Week 2.

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