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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 3 Predictions

 By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

Grrr, Mondays.  Sike, it’s everyone’s favorite day of the week, game day.  You already know you shouldn’t miss Tempe draft nights, something exciting is almost guaranteed to happen each week.  The way this season has started has proved that more than true.  Here are tonight’s predictions.


8 p.m. - West Side Connected vs Keepin’ it a Bean

If West Side Connected repeats anything even close to last week’s performance, they’ll have nothing to do but bow down.  Self-proclaimed DPOY candidate Cam Badgett’s defense lead to 34-20-6 from Lionel last week; I heard JW can smell the barbecue chicken from the weight room upstairs. Even though I might miss this one to go see Halloween, I’ll be sure to eat some beans in honor of another KiaB victory. 

Prediction: Keepin’ it a Bean by 11


8 p.m. - FndF vs Shooting Slumps

I really do like to think FndF has potential, but I’m just not sure it’ll ever come together.  This game seems like the perfect matchup for Shooting Slumps (first in scoring lol) to breakout of their winning slump.  This game should easily break the 200-point mark, with two of the worst performing defenses thus far.  If it does turn into a shootout, FndF won’t have the power to go bucket for bucket with Shooting Slumps.

Prediction:  Shooting Slumps by 8

9 p.m. - Slice ’N Dice vs West Side Connected

Hopefully West Side Connected will have sliced & diced some orange slices for in-between games, but having that eighth player somehow should offset some of the effects of the double header.  They’ll need to be ready to defend with the way Masih and Dwayne lead the attack.  A matchup of two former MVPs should put fans in the seats, but I think the role players will decide this one and I’ll never trust Branden Holmes to win me a game. 

Prediction:  West Side Connected by 3


9 p.m. - Divine Intervention vs Not Going

I’ll give the advantage in guard play to Not Going for this matchup. However, Idk who Not Going plans to throw to the wolves (aka cover Lionel) but I know it probably isn’t going to work.  Even though Danny hasn’t looked like himself this season, I think the extra motivation of playing against his former teammates Cam, Mike & Remy should give him the boost he needs to get going offensively.  Either that or Remy gives him a 50 piece, it's a toss up.

Prediction:  Divine Intervention by 12

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