BTE Looks to be the Cream of the Crop once again


SUMMERLIN OPEN: Week Two Power Rankings

 By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


1. BTE (1-0)

An impressive start to the season for the defending champs as they absolutely toyed with Livin’ the Dream all game long and defeated Dream 116-64.  BTE only had five guys in their opener but it didn’t matter.  All five guys scored in double figures and BTE shot 56 percent from the field and also out rebounded Livin’ the Dream 48-30. 

Two-time MVP Jordan Cannon led the way as usual for BTE with a triple double going for 31 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists.  Edward Vaughns returned to the open league and scored 37 points as well.  BTE was without Andre McFarland and Will Holvoet last week and you can just imagine how fierce this team will be once they return.  BTE should have a tougher game this coming week as they get a title game rematch with the Villains.

2. Villains (1-0)

Well maybe we shouldn’t count the Villains out just yet.  This squad looked impressive a week ago as they held on to defeat AAO 95-93 thanks to a last second bucket by Jacob McDonald.  The Villains only had five guys and were without Kodiak Yazzie, Rob Sandoval, and Dave Murtha.  The Villains were forced to play small ball and the five that were there played very well together. 

Hall of Famer Chase Skinkis really had to carry the offense with his usual triple double, but this around he scored 35 points, had 12 boards, and dished out 11 assists.  Tij Von Nieda had 21 points and McDonald also had 20.  This team will need the likes of Yazzie, Sandoval, and Murtha going forward if they want to contend with BTE.  If they can get them there well maybe the Villains will be able to knock off the champs?  They get a title game rematch this week with BTE so we will see who shows up for the Villains.

3. AAO (0-1)

Granted AAO lost at the buzzer last week to the Villains this team showed a lot of promise in their first game together.  AAO could have given up but the battled till the end against the Villains erasing multiple double digit leads but just falling short in the end 95-93. AAO was without their leader Dreu Johnson this past week and I would expect to see him back this week. 

AAO had a big time performance form Mihail Kocevski who scored team high 35 points and hit some huge free throws down the stretch.  Chris Mellor also 18 points for AAO.  The key for this team will be Johnson.  He will get the team involved and give them another shooter that this team was really missing a week ago.  Expect big things from this team this season and it starts this week when they face off with Livin’ the Dream.

4. Livin’ the Dream (0-1)

Tough opening night for the Livin’ the Dream squad that was making their return to the open league after a season off.  Dream ran into a buzz saw, which were the defending champs BTE.  Dream fell 116-84 and was basically done at halftime as they were down 70-39.  The return of John Lazosky was the bright spot for Dream last week as he scored a game high 39 points and grabbed 10 rebounds on 57 percent shooting.  Duelle Thomas Gore also had 16 points to help pace Dream. 

A few things to watch with this team going forward will be the chemistry between Gore and Lazo.  Both guys want the ball and want to score.  If they can develop some mojo then I think this team has a chance to compete.  Also when you have a guy who is 6’8” and 6’5” you should not be out rebounded by the other team by 18 boards.   Especially when the other team was much smaller.  I will be looking for this team to improve quite a bit this week and I am wondering how former NBA player Desmon Farmer will fit on this team when he attends.  Dream has a showdown with AAO this week.