A Battle of the Undefeated


METROWEST DRAFT: Week 3 Predictions

By Taylor Pettiford | Metrowest League Coordinator


Week 3’s lineup of matchups is LIT. Our 7 p.m. hour pits two undefeated teams against each other and gives us a rematch of one of our most memorable playoff battles. Meanwhile in the 8 p.m. hour, two winless teams will try to avoid becoming 0-3 against opponents on the fringes of the power rankings’ upper echelon. Don’t forget to tune in at 7 p.m. for the Facebook Live stream; but until then, let’s predict how tonight’s matchups will end up.

7 p.m. – CLASSIC BARBERSHOP (2-0) vs. REBELS (2-0)

In Week 3, we get an early season preview of what could end up being a late state tournament matchup between two of Metrowest’s best: Classic Barbershop and Rebels. As our second and third-ranked teams in the power rankings respectively, expect this to be a true showdown.

The headliner is a matchup between two of the most vaunted rookies in the league – Keyon Armstrong (32 ppg, 6 ast, 5 stl) of Classic and Shane Coleman (28 ppg, 9.5 rpg) of Rebels. But the matchup will feature so much more firepower than just these two. On paper, Classic should win whereas they boast floor general Jay Resto and former Ultimate Player, Patrick Luckett, along with Brandon Portillo, Raynaldi Voyard and Emerson Portillo. Yet their ball movement was less than impressive in Week 2 and that was without Armstrong.

The Rebels have better chemistry and more well-defined roles as their offensive centers around Coleman with shooters Taylor Pettiford and Aaron Anniballi around him while Tiler Balboni anchors the paint and Micah Duarte does the dirty work. With Balboni potentially away on business, we’re giving Classic the nod as Voyard and Emerson Portillo should dominate the glass. Expect both these teams to be high playoff seeds come December, though, and for us to potentially see a round 2.



7 p.m. – BUCKETS GALORE (2-0) vs. WARRIORS (0-2)

For as much hope as we have for the Warriors and as talented a scorer as Sam Longwell is, this matchup is a nightmare for the Dubs. Buckets Galore is the biggest team in the league with Yemi Ajao and Roland Millien menacing the glass while Jude Valmeus and Josh Gates clean up whatever they leave behind. Longwell and Octavio Cruz can hold their own, but their backcourt is all under 6-feet which presents a major matchup problem.

Dubs captain John Iarussi is confident his team is up for the challenge and their three-point shooting may make things interesting. But with the anticipated discrepancy on the boards being what we anticipate, we don’t see a way BG leaves Week 3 with a loss.



8 p.m. – STAMPEDE (0-2) vs. BALLAHOLICS (1-1)

Despite Stampede’s new backcourt additions of Niko Whitehead and Roger Hamel, Stampede looks to be heading to 0-3. No, the Ballaholics don’t have a defensive stopper capable of containing Tommy Hubbard. But as a collective unit, they force a lot of turnovers. On the opposite end of the floor, the Ballaholics can flat-out shoot the ball. Opponents on the season are shooting 52 percent from beyond the arc against Stampede which signals a field day for Michael Perreault, Kevin Johnson, Nick Kineip, Matt Hammond and Kevin Neal.

Wally Callam and Jasper Landrum will have to dominate the paint for Stampede while Hamel and Whitehead will need to knock down open jumpers. In time, we have faith that they will. We don’t expect chemistry to develop on their first night together, though.



8 p.m. – HUSTLE (1-1) vs. BLACK MAMBAS (0-2)

The Black Mambas are due for a win after losing their first two contests by a combined 12 points. But is Week 3 when they’ll put a W in the win column? We’re not quite sure. Joel Katana is arguably the best scorer in UH Boston and Tomas Morales is an absolute UNIT. The pairing is basically UH Boston’s version of Kobe and Shaq. Add Drew Pettiford’s hot shooting and Jeff Raymond’s knack for being a nuisance on the offensive glass and this will be a tough matchup for the Mambas.

Kenny Dennis and Jose Roman’s defense will be key as will Devon Frye’s scoring and Kenny Seitz’ rebounding. It just feels as though too much has to go right for the Black Mambas who have struggled through two weeks.


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