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GILBERT VET: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It's Week 2 in the Vet League, and, Adam Bickerstaff & company have found their way back to the top of the standings, this time with the 35-plus crowd.  Let's jump right into the power rankings.

1. Ball So Hard Vet

Rico Suggs legitimately barely remembers what losses are (the last time he lost a game was 2015!), and his crew started the season right with a W, against usual ally Gerald Williams no less.  They'll have a bye this week, but look out for a Week 3 battle with Casey Gould's defending champion franchise No Limits.

2. No Limits

Speaking of No Limits, they hold down the #2 spot for the week. Donald Dangmuk and Lionel Pehoua are two more players who seem to just keep winning, and, this week, pending captain approval, they'll add marksman Joe Castaneda to the mix.

3. BRAVO Pay

Brandon Walker, Joel Joyes, and Adam Swanton is a deadly Big Three, and the scrappy Johnny Price and Robert Upchurch round out a tough and balanced starting five.  If these guys can protect the paint steadily, they'll be a tough beat.

4. Rhinos

Competitive in defeat last week, this week, Rod Gutierrez and the Rhinos add deadly guard Jeremiah Price, a walking 20-piece, to the mix this week.  These two and Spring MVP Philip Johnson make a scary trio if all on their A-games.

5. Seasoned Vets

Chemistry's still a major work in progress, but there's not a selfish player on the squad, and Garrie Ester sets a great tone with his physical play and tireless hustle.  They'll need to channel Omar Duran's sharpshooting to get points on the board, but the pieces are there for a great season.

6. Shake 'N Bake

After a valiant performance last week against his BSH comrades, Gerald Williams & SNB could easily be as high as #2 this week, but we'll make them earn their keep with a W or two before green lighting a move up the ranks.

7. Below the Rim

Some big question marks for this bunch for sure, mainly on the chemistry front, so we're starting them off low.  Kris Hennen has a history of winning in the Vet League, so we're gonna trust him to lead the troops and get this season on track from here out.

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