Who Wins in the Fight Between Hulk and Ironman?

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GREEN VALLEY DRAFT: Week 2 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Black Panther (0-1) vs. Thor (0-1)

Both teams are coming off of losses in the first week of the season and will look to move at .500. Anthony Livingston and Stefan Hanania will be looking to be at their 'A' game and take charge of this crucial contest. I'm sure they were impressed to see Eric Redeaux make a very impressive debut as he scored 22 points last week.

Juan Carter of Thor did a lot of work against Hulk, securing an impressive triple-double of 35 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. He's a workhorse for this team and will need to do everything in his power to slow down Black Panther. Watch out for Dominic Pedotto to grab big boards down low and get some impressive shots up in the paint. Still don't know if Kodiak Yazzie will suit up for Thor but in the meantime, I have Black Panther as the favorites.  

Prediction: Black Panther -5.5

Spiderman (1-0) vs. Captain America (0-1)

Spiderman is a solid group filled with pure scorers in Charlie Farber, Vance Randall and RJ Wojtowicz. They made 48 percent of their shots from downtown last week, making 14 of them. How about Edwin Urbina grabbing a team-high 14 boards last week. The point guard was simply everywhere on the floor and has a smart IQ.

Captain America needs to focus more on attacking inside instead of chucking up threes. They went 9-30 from downtown and need to find Mike Smiljanc and Anthony Khotsikian in the paint and make some clutch shots. If they do attempt to attempt numerous threes, Kenny McNeil and Kerry Knoll need to be as accurate as possible. I can't see Spiderman losing at this point in the season and they will attack at Captain America's shield.

Prediction: Spiderman -9

Hulk (1-0) vs. Ironman (1-0)

This will be the game of the week as two undefeated teams will square off for the right to remain undefeated. Ben Carey of Hulk may not get 48 points like he did last week, but he will get his shots to go down. He was so clutch and on point and I can't remember the last time he had a game like that. Marcus Wilson will be a difference maker in this one grabbing a ton of rebounds and shooting for accuracy. He has such a smooth jump shot and Ironman better guard him or else he'll may them pay. Watch out for Daniel Bower to attack inside in transition and perhaps getting to the free throw line a lot.

Ironman doesn't have a top player on this team as every contributes in every possible way and that's what separates themselves from the rest of the league. Bernard Preston must be proud of his unit for the way they played last week and expect the him to contribute like he did last week. There's something special about Ironman and if Sam Earl and/or Ben Simmons doesn't suit up again for Hulk, Ironman will win this one.   

Prediction: Ironman -3