Lighting doesn't Strike in its First Week of UH Action

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BLOOMINGTON SOUTH: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Ken Farmer | Bloomington South League Coordinator

1. Rebels (1-0)

Last week: (1), W vs Loons, 79-52

Ryan McGuire paced a balanced scoring output by the Rebels with 20 points on 53 percent shooting. Cody Heinz (17 points) and Dustin Dupont (15 points) combined for nine 3-pointers as the team shot an incredible 59% from beyond the arc. They shot 52 percent from the field overall and turned the ball over just three times. On defense, they held their opponent to 34 percent shooting from the floor.

2. Guerrillas (1-0)

Last week: (2), W vs THEM , 86-56

The Guerrillas had a great night on the defensive end as they held their opponent to just 28 percent shooting on the night. Offensively, they shot 42 percent from the field, but did manage to grab 12 offensive rebounds and corralled 58 rebounds in total. Dajon McKnight grabbed 22 of those rebounds and also poured in 31 points. Chris Maher put up 19 points, 17 rebounds, and a team-high 7 assists.

3. Aardvarks (1-0)

Last week: (3), W vs Red Devils, 85-70

The Aardvarks put up 85 points to begin their Fall Season campaign and they look like they could put up monster points on a regular basis. Emmanuel Harrison led the team with 22 points on 53 percent shooting and was one of four double-digit scorers. Adam Hoven scored just 8 points, but had 17 rebounds, 13 assists, and 5 steals. They forced their opponent into 14 turnovers, but had 14 turnovers themselves.

4. Player’s Club (1-0)

Last week: (9), W vs Lightning, 79-64

The Player’s Club shot 46 percent from the field on their way to a Week 1 victory. Ball movement was key for their offense as they had 19 assists on 30 made baskets. Gene Perry and Steven Kelsey each had 6 assists and Keith Ford added 5 assists. Kelsey led the team with 21 points and was followed closely by Lonnie Thomas, who put up 20 points. They did have 14 turnovers and will need to clean that up before next week.

5. Muskies (0-0)

Last week: (4), bye

The Muskies were off last week and will look to begin their season with a win as they take on the Loons. They have long been one of the best perimeter shooting teams in the league and much of the same cast will be returning. Between Sonny Young-Graves, Jon Christenson, and Casey Schannauer, this team has plenty of threats from outside.

6. Loons (0-1)

Last week: (7), L vs Rebels, 52-79

The Loons made their return to Ultimate Hoops and a tough second half gave them a Week 1 loss. They were outscored 41 to 22 in the second half, but perhaps they just need a week to get back in the groove of things. They did make 10 3-pointers and grabbed 6 offensive rebounds, but shot just 34 percent overall. Walt Richard led the way with 19 points while Tom Anderson added another 12 points. The defense will return, but they allowed their opponent to shoot 52 percent FG in Week 1.

7. THEM (0-1)

Last week: (5), L vs Guerrillas, 56-86

It was a tough night shooting the ball for THEM. They shot just 28 percent from the field and 19 percent from downtown. There will definitely be better nights for them, but they can’t simply rely on 3-point shooting, where they had 42 attempts, especially when they have an off-night. Sam Hanson and Jacob Barton led the way with 13 points and Vernon Johnson added 12 points off the bench. Look for them to rebound in Week 2.

8. Red Devils (0-1)

Last week: (8), L vs Aardvarks, 70-85

The Red Devils made 13 3-pointers in Week 1, but turned the ball over 14 times and allowed their opponent to shoot 49 percent from the field in the game. The Red Devils relied on the 3-point shot against the Aardvarks as 36 of their 59 attempts came from beyond the arc. They shot a solid 36 percent, but will need to clean up their turnovers. Ben Davis led the team with 26 points and tied for the team lead of 4 steals with Alex Riley, who also had 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists.

9. Lightning (0-1)

Last week: (6), L vs Player’s Club, 64-79

The Lightning, a new squad to Ultimate Hoops, looked like it needed a little time to adjust and develop chemistry, but settled down in the second half. They went down early and faced a 15-point deficit at the break, but played even with the Player’s Club in the second half. Jake Gave scored 24 points to lead the offense and will be leader for this team all season. They’ll need to get more contribution from their 3-point shooting, where they made just 4 of their 23 attempts.