JYD Makes his Triumphant Return

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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week One Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Flight Vegas vs. JYD

The crew of Flight Vegas will face JYD; yes, Jerome JYD Williams is back and ready to take over the open league. What will we see out of Williams and company? I expect the same crew he's had in the past to suit up in Anthony Livingston, Sean Watkins, Kirk Williams, potentially Josh McCarver and others. Could we see the return of Warren Rosegreen for JYD? 

Flight Vegas will of course bring their normal guys back in Cory Ford, Robert Sandoval, Brock Metzka, David Murtha and Vernon Clemens. If these are the same groups that will be stepping foot on the floor, watch out for Clemens and Livingston to go off and make some big-time plays. Williams and Murtha will have a battle down low and I still expect Murtha to grab double digit rebounds. What will be see out of Sandoval against a bigger JYD team. What we will see is a fast-paced offense with a lot of floaters and jump shots. I know for a fact that Clemens will be in the zone for Flight Vegas and take over in this game.

We'll wait and see what JYD brings to the table and I think a long layoff as well as healthy guys for them could be in their favor. They'll win this one if they they have a hot second half and go on multiple runs. 

Prediction: JYD +4

Villains vs. Ball 4 Life

This will be quite the matchup as Angel Castro's Ball 4 Life will face Chase Skinkis' Villains. I'm sure Castro will bring back his core group of Zach Dean, Taurean Green and Milos Knezevic. This was a decent group in the playoffs, but shut teams down in the playoffs.

Skinkis has decided to take matters in his own hands and bring his Villains to Green Valley. He'll bring along Josh McCarver, Andreu Johnson, London Schneider, Jon-Ross Campeau and Hollis Hale. The Villains will be a major threat to this league and we'll see a lot of shots being taken for sure. I anticipate the Villains making a big statement and get a quality win against Ball 4 Life.

Prediction: Villains -6.5

UnderDogs vs. RudeDogs

Dan Orozco has created another 'Dogs team with the UnderDogs. Still not sure who will be on this team (as well as the RudeDogs), but what I do know is that these teams will battle hard all game long. Will we see Jordan Farmar return for the RudeDogs? Will guys like Ben Carey, Joshua Watson and other suit up for the RudeDogs? It's a wait and see at this point.

Prediction: Pick 'Em