Show Me the $hmoney!


BURLINGTON: Week 2 Power Rankings

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

The second season in Burlington is off to a great start. Week 1 was capped off by a close three-point finish in the 8 p.m. game, as the Dream Team was able to squeeze out the close win over the Rox. We also saw a breakout game from [R]Marc Pierre-Louis as Legendary had a statement win over the Wolves. As Burlington has expanded from six teams to eight, the competition has picked up, and led us to some great matchups to look forward to in Week 2. But first, let’s check out this weeks power rankings.

1. $hmoney (1-0) Last Weeks Ranking - 1

$hmoney used a strong second half to mount a comeback against the Wildcats. Going into the second half down by six, $hmoney was able to outscore the Wildcats 45-30 points in the second half behind big performances from Stephon Prescod (17 points, 16 rebounds) and Jason LaPlanche (27 Points, 8 assist). The win helped $hmoney to pick right back up where they left off from in the summer session. Team chemistry was monumental in last Tuesday's win.

2. Dream Team (1-0) Last Week’s Ranking - 2

It took an overtime to get it done, but Dream Team was able to pull out the close game against The Rox. Thomas “Boston Bane” Morales (27 points, 16 rebounds) was up to his old ways , as The Rox had no answer for him in the post. Rennie Cato (18 points, 3 rebounds) also had a great welcoming party in his first game in Burlington. The close win earned the number-two spot.

3. Legendary (1-0)  Last Week’s Ranking - 3

We’re one week in and Legendary is already trying to live up to their name. Marc Pierre-Louis led the charge with 35 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Khris Padilla (19 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists) nearly triple-doubled in the win. With Octavio “5 Ring King” Cruz sure to get back into game shape in the coming weeks, Burlington may be in trouble.

4. Fire (1-0) Last Week’s Ranking - 6

Trent “three me when you see me” Headley (24 Points, 5 rebounds) was hot from beyond the arc, as he went 8-11 from deep. Fire played well as a team, as they put their foot on the pedal for the jump ball and never looked back. Calvin Pinney (19 points, 9 rebounds) was a standout in the win as well.

5. Reformation  (0-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 4

Reformations slow start came back to bite them in the end, ultimately causing them to come away with a Week 1 loss. Reformation found themselves in a 12-point hole heading into halftime, and just couldn't fight their way back. Luther Joseney (26 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) and Jean Romulus (19 points, 13 rebounds) were the teams top performers.

6. Wildcats (0-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 4

The Wildcats shot fairly well as they finished with a 44 shooting percentage. The team just couldn’t carry over their momentum from the first half, but they have something solid to build on going into Week 2. Tim McCarthy had the big game for the Wildcats, finishing with 29 points and 8 rebounds.

7. The Rox (0-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 7

The Rox suffered a tough overtime loss in Week 1. On one hand, they played great team ball as much of the team contributed. However, team shooting as a whole was just 33 percent. Playing a team that shot 50 percent from the field, it was lucky that they kept it so close. Hopefully they find a way to get a W in Week 2. Marco Flores- Benegas led the way with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 7 steals.

8. Wolves (0-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 8

The Wolves struggled to put up points in Week 1, as four out of the six players to check into the game last week scored 8 points or less. Chris Fissorre and Isaac Remy both scored in double digits, but they will need much more of a team effort in order to come away with a win each week. The ball has to go in the basket, and hopefully that changes for them this week.