The Defending Champions will be no Match for Fine Wine


TEMPE OPEN: Week 2 Predictions

By Steve Bertand, with additional picks from Dakota Browning-Dudley

It’s been awhile since I’ve written for the league and while I’m happy to be back, I know you are all happier Adam Butler isn’t playing this season so you don’t have to read his uber insightful three-line predictions week in and out 😉. So, UH Arizona family, you are welcome, and let’s get to this weeks action.

Show Me Dem Bibby’s (0-0) vs. Shut Up and Play (0-0)

This match up features funny team names, SMDB’s is self explanatory and Shut Up and Play is funny because it’s a team full of players who constantly complain. Donald Didlake will have a harder time keeping his team focused on the task at hand than winning the ballgame. While I will never take anything away of Didlake and his impressive HOF resume that Luke Hanlon and Reid Nelson seemed to over look, this team just won’t have what it takes to stop Show Me Dem Bibby’s.  #arizonabeast #waitwhat 

Prediction: SMDB by 17

Over/Under: 178

DBD: Both of these teams coming off of first week byes, they’ll be looking to start off the season on the right foot.  A couple interesting matchups but my favorite is gonna be Lionel v Steve down low.  Lionel played two games last night but I think he’ll still have enough energy to control the paint & lead his team to a dub in this one.

Prediction: Shut Up & Play by 3

Show Me Dem Bibby’s (0-0) vs. Fleebok (0-1)

In their second game of the night, SMDB’s will surely be tired, but facing Fleebok, they will be just fine. Outside of Sami Bzai, Fleebok has not much to offer, and rumors of disbandment are amidst. Bottom line, no matter who Fleebok brings out, they will be no match for SMDB’s. 

Prediction: SMDB’s by 23

Over/Under: 185

DBD: Looks like Show Me Dem Bibbys won’t have to wait too long to find their first win.  This one probably won’t be the most thrilling matchup of the night.

Prediction:  Show Me Dem Bibbys by 24

Shut Up and Play (0-0) vs. X-Over (0-1)

This will be a rough night for Shut Up and Play/AZ Beast. X-Over may have lost Week 1, but they put everyone on notice when they were up by 18 at one point over baby BSH/ Cactus Water. X-Over honestly has no excuse for losing week one, up 8 with 1:34 to go, BUT that doesn’t take away from their pure athletic ability. If they can play a bit smarter, every team in this league is in trouble. This game won’t be close, sorry Donald. 

Prediction: X-Over by 21

Over/Under: 192

DBD: Tough draw for Shut Up & Play here, getting a back to back with one of the best & also deepest teams in the league.  X-Over should be able to take advantage of the fatigue and run away with this one.

Prediction: X-Over by 19

Peanut Butter & Jelly (1-0) vs. Fine Wine (1-0)

The defending champs will have their hands full this week. Rumor is Donte Medder was talking to Chris Walker about how he’s gonna beat SMDB’s by 30 Week 6, which is cute and all, but he should be worried how he’s gonna beat Fine Wine.  I promise you Bibby and Adam Bickerstaff would laugh at the thought of Donte dreaming of a 30-point game, let alone beating anyone by 30 (that isn’t named Fleebok). I think this week PB&J eats a little “humble pie.” 

Prediction: Fine Wine by 12

Over/Under: 184

DBD: An absolute juggernaut of a roster, overflowing with pro talent, Fine Wine looks to knock off the kings of Tempe.  Is this game the passing off the torch? 

Prediction:  Fine Wine by 8

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