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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 2 Power Rankings  

By Adam Butler | Tempe Media Associate

What’s up Tempe, happy Monday! It’s ya boy AB and we’re back with Week 2. Lots of people were absent in Week 1, so hopefully we’ll see all of our teams at full strength. Lets get into it. 

1. Keepin it Bean (1-0)

Winning Week 1 by an easy 14 points without their captain Warren La Clamps, KIB is looking solid. Guess you don’t have to show up to Monday’s game Warren. They got it. 

2. Team Cam (1-0)

After a huge game from the rookie Adrian Harrison (27 points 7 assists) and a light 34 for Cam Campbell, his squad is looking scary. As long as the chemistry is there for their core, they’ll be after that 1 spot every week. 

3. FndF (1-0)

Attendance was certainly lacking in Week 1, but should be at full strength for Week 2. Regardless business was still taken care of, led by Jonathan Parker (30p, 10a). The true test will come this week, when they match up with the number one team in the league. 

4. West Side Connected (1-0)

For some reason WSC picked up an eighth player in Jacoby Sisk. Regardless, the true savior for them was their newbie Mitchell Fitzsimmons (20 points 7 rebounds) while shooting an efficient 9-12 from the field. 

5. Team Dwayne (0-1)

Losing last week, Dwayne and the gang will look to join the win column this week. Key matchups to watch will be Masih vs. Cam and Dwayne vs. Adrian. Who’s clamping Mike Collins??

6. Team Casey (0-2)

Despite the three bros being back, they dropped their double header last week. Xavier did his thing, averaging 35.5 points in both games and another rookie of the year candidate Aaron Oakes did work as well, averaging 18 points and 13 rebounds in both contests. I can’t imagine that they’ll stay in the losing column much longer. Hoping Casey makes a speedy recovery from his broken foot. 

7. Team Keneem (0-1)

In last place only because they lost by the most points, despite being without their number-one overall pick Lionel. Although DJ Keene stepped up in a major way, leading the team with 23 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 steals. If he can be that productive with Lionel in the lineup, they could be pretty good. 

Alright UH, that’s it for me. See you on the court! 

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