Strayer Needs to Step it Up


GAITHERSBURG: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

1. Hampton

They have been on a tear this season, winning their first two games by 20-plus points. Brandon Allen and Jerry McFadden lead the charge with both players averaging 37.5 points per game. They will only become more dangerous as the season moves on. 

2. Virginia Tech

They are coming off a huge team win over Missouri. The on-court coaching ability of Vincent Bynum & savvy defense of Ivan Beran really made the difference last game. If they continue to play together they will be team to watch out for. 

3. Missouri

They took a loss last game, but that won’t discourage them from giving their all tonight. If they can get s big showing from Sean Sweeney & Samy Aniba they should be right where they want to be.

4. Strayer

They are having a rough start to the season. They can’t seem to get things going. Players like Enrique Solano & Mahad Jibrell will have to step it up tonight if they would like to get a win.