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TEMPE DRAFT:  Week 2 Predictions

 By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

Back for another week of Tempe magic.  This season has the makings to be one of the most competitive Tempe’s draft history has seen.  With three of the four games finishing within ten points, we are off to a great start.  Here’s how I see tonight’s games breaking down. 

8 p.m.  West Side Connected vs Divine Intervention

 West Side Connected seems to be one of the est supporting casts Jordan Sisk has had in awhile.  However, they could be in for another close game in this week’s matchup.  Number one overall pick DeAndre Ayt.. Lionel Pehoua is set to make his debut tonight after missing last week.  Divine Intervention should look alive with Lionel back, but I still think West Side Connected has too much firepower for Kenem’s crew to secure their first win.

 Prediction:  West Side Connected by 8

 8 p.m. Keepin’ it a Bean vs FndF

 Imma keep it a bean here, this one is a little more than a typical regular season game.  After Jimmy’s despicable draft night antics, I expect Keepin’ it a Bean to deliver karma in the form of a homemade L.  JP will be a matchup problem per usual, but I don’t see the rest of the team adding enough to keep up in this one; even more so with no Drake concerts in the area for Warren to be at after he was MIA last week.   

 Prediction:  Keepin’ it a Bean by 10

9 p.m.  Casey Morgan vs Divine Intervention

 A role reversal from last week’s double header of their own, Casey Morgan’s team gets to face off with a team on the backend of a back to back.  The easiest team to hear in the league with Xavier and Dakota leading a nonstop trash talking assault on opposing teams, this team will be trouble for whoever they play.  Barring any actual divine intervention, I see Kenem taking over where Casey’s group left off last week, taking two Ls in one night. 

 Prediction:  Casey Morgan by 7

 9 p.m.  Not Going vs Slice ’N Dice

 Not Going impressed in week one, but Justin De Windt averaging a triple dub? That is “Not Going” to last.  Even with Justin’s inevitable drop-off, I think Not Going will continue to be a solid contender throughout the season.  They should be able to pick up another win tonight over Slice ’N Dice.  It appears former MVP Masih Muhammad will be able to keep his team in games, but it will truly be up to the supporting cast to determine whether they win or lose most nights.  Anyone betting on the Branden Holmes Layup Experience will definitely be in their feelings sooner than later.

 Prediction: Not Going by 16

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