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GILBERT VET: Preseason Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

After a nice, detailed season preview, let’s dive right into our preseason power rankings.

1. “Team Adam” (Name TBD)

Anytime 3 members of Ball So Hard find a way to join forces, we have to give them the first nod for #1.  The real sleeper here is a finally-in-the-spotlight Rico Suggs, who this writer fully expects to drop a weekly 20-piece.

2. No Limits

With 3 of last season’s championship finalists (plus Spring finalist Lionel Pehoua), NL has all the pieces needed for a deep run.  Can Donald Dangmuk ever be denied a Finals appearance?

3. Shake ’N Bake

Reuniting the core of a Final Four team and snagging some extra weapons, Blue Stephens has his squad headed in the right direction for another deep run.

4. BRAVO Pay

Still very intrigued at what Adam Swanton’s namesake app does exactly, but captain Joel Joyes was enthused enough to christen the team after it, so it must be something special.  Joel and hitman Brandon Walker should be a scary combo from deep, and Johnny Price is sure to bring the hustle and grit.

5. Seasoned Vets

I like this squad a whole bunch more than this ranking may suggest, but, after a disappointing Summer season, challenging captain Garrie Ester to come out strong and prove this writer wrong.

6. “Team Rod”

Also a big fan of this squad’s core, particularly the three-headed monster of world-class Masters’ athlete Rod Gutierrez, recent Gilbert Draft MVP Philip Johnson, and Gilbert original Jeremiah Price, but, again, it’s a show-and-prove season for all.  Come out strong and we’ll look at a switch up Week 2.

7. Below the Rim

Ranked last mainly because they won’t have a game until Week 2, BTR also has some eyebrow-raising chemistry question marks, and the combination bumps them to last place for the week.  Sorry Kris…

Let’s all have a great Opening Day, and prove me wrong with these rankings.  Good luck to all!

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