Party Begins in North Scotty

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SCOTTSDALE: Preseason Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

What’s up Scottsdale? Welcome back to a brand-new season. With this new season comes new power rankings and new people to tell me how wrong I am in every article. I can't wait, so let’s get right into the sauce. 

1. Team Christian

The Absolute Unit takes his captain skills to the test again and drafts what I think will be the team to beat this season. With Tyler Buckland out, there will be no one to stop Danny Dziedzic. Could be bad news for opposing teams. 

2. Team Louis

Louis Hernandez had, in my opinion, one of the best drafts out of anyone. He got a big at number-two overall in Arthur Martinet, and two high-scoring guards. Look to Nick Guerrieri to lead the way. 

3. Team Vinnie

Vinnie always knows how to put together a solid team. This go around, he pairs two Scottsdale legends with Brad Carroll and Emery Jeffers, and adds in the specimen Jack Mazanec. With a mild-mannered WIllie Sells Jr., Vinnie may have been up to something on draft night. 

4. Team Tristan

Back with a vengeance is a personal Scotty favorite of mine, former MVP Mike Bizoukas. He brings in another Riot House legend Andrew Webb. Pick-and-roll game with Rhett/Biz should be very entertaining to say the least.

5. Team Darren

With lots of hype surrounding newcomer Jacob Langemier, there’s no shortage of firepower between him and Warren La Chance. Lucky for him, we’re on the same team so he won’t get as much shade thrown at him as usual. FYI, watch out for the pastiest back court in the country between yours truly and Thomas Kennedy. 

6. Team Neb

With much of Winter 2017’s championship team “Looney Toons” back together, the league has since evolved. Neb drafted four power forwards, so they’ll most likely lead the league in rebounds, and be the most physical squad on the floor. Look out for Mighty Mouse.

7. Showtime

Arguably one of the best 1-2 combos in the league, Chance Lamont & the ultimate old head Tyrone Jones will most likely have the majority of the points scored on this team. Sources (Chance) have told me that he will be gone for the last four (ish) games of the season. It literally couldn’t get worse from here.