Defending Champs Look to Start Out Strong Against the Falcons


DES MOINES: Week 1 Predictions 

By Kelly Burton | Des Moines League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Falcons vs Team Ball

Upstart team against the defending champions of the last two seasons. Falcons will be trying to get into a team flow together as this will be the first time some of them have played together. Jeff Hoyt and James Preston look like they will be handling the guard duty. They’ll be facing the veteran Team Ball, who usually play well together. They have a newcomer in Blake Miller in the middle, who will have to get accustomed to the experienced team. Depth could play a key in the game tonight.

Prediction: Team Ball by 7

8 p.m. - Inter Ballers vs BBB

Veteran backcourt against young hungry group should make this game competitive. The three-headed scoring backcourt of Derrick Beechum, Javier Valdez and John Lamb, plus the man in the middle Mike Caron, will be tough for the new team BBB’s first game out. BBB has some players who have played in past seasons Lorenzo Gordan, Michael Mahanna, Trent Gavin and Brett Wilkins, so they will know what to expect.

Prediction: inter Ballers by 10

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