Shelby's Best Returning Players


SHELBY OPEN: Players to Watch

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

Justice League - Projected Record: 6-2

(PF/C) Shane Ellis: Shane had an incredible season last session leading his team in rebounding with 11.6 per game and pitching in with 18.7 points per game. He was a handful to handle around the basket grabbing almost every rebound at times and getting his team extra possessions. If he can continue that same style of play this season, he’ll be on pace to be one of the most dominant big men to come through UH Shelby.

(G/F) Dino Muhtarevic: Dino returned after taking a couple seasons off and picked up right where he left off and that was competing for championships and winning ships. Dino was a great pickup for his current team as he fit right into their style of play. He’s very crafty, long, and can spread the floor. I’m sure we can expect to see more of his craftiness this upcoming season.

(PF/C) Mdujon Johnson: After shaking the first season jitters off (which he played a huge role for his team), MJ came through as a being a tough player to guard and also stepping up on the defensive end. He definitely helped his team win the championship last season, and I’m sure with his mentality, he’s looking to do whatever he needs this season to repeat.

Y-Lie - Projected Record: 4-4

(PG/F) Johnnie Brown: Coming off a Hall of Fame inducted season, Johnnie had Jason Watts along side of him and he was able to let him carry the load a few nights. Unfortunately, Jason is not with the team this session which will be a huge loss for these guys, but I’m sure they’ll find other areas to get assistance from. Because at the end of the day…. it’s “Y-Lie”.

(SF) Dave Stephens: Dave had a shaky season last session as he missed a few games and had some low scoring games than usual. As we all know, Dave is a true vet and knows how and when to turn his game up. This will be the season he will need to do so.

Dat Ain’t Fair - Projected Record: 6-2

(PG/SG) TreVaughan Craighead: At times can be a sleeper but can turn around and lead his team to victory on a 20-plus point night. He’ll need to keep his consistency this season as his team will not be as deep as they once were.

(SG/SF) John Djurovsiki: As an incoming rookie last year, John couldn’t display all his talents as his personal life kept him pretty busy. But this season John stated that he’s definitely going to commit to a more active season. If this is true, he’ll definitely be an asset to his team with his effective shooting capabilities.

All or Nothing - Projected Record: 5-3

(PG/SG) Juwaun Doggett: Last season displayed signs of being a streaky shooter but can get to the basket and play hard-nose defense. He’s been in the lab/gym during this off season and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the league.

(PG/SG) Joe Cromartie: After a few seasons away due to injuries (shoulder and leg), Joe has returned to UH and ready to pick up where he left off, which was winning championships. His shooting capability and overall high IQ for the game will give his team a huge advantage over their opponents night in and night out.

Goblin Skillz - Projected Record: 7-1

(PG/SG) Vaughan Gray: Vaughan Gray was nominated for the Hall of Fame last season and ever since not getting it, he’s been playing out of his mind some people say. After an interview with him, the humble Vaughan Gray stated that he was very happy to be nominated but overall, he just wants to play basketball. His love for the game is unmatched out on the court. You would definitely need to see for yourself to believe his stat line at times.

(SG) Bill Treece: A high percentage shooter from the field and can play both ends of the floor. He’s a good player to have on your roster as he makes the defensive play honest. He has also become more of a driver at times which means he doesn’t have to just rely on his jump shot.

Balken Brother Brand - Projected Record: 4-4

(SG) Semir Agic: A veteran player who took a couple seasons off, is now back and looking to make some noise with his new squad. Watch out because Semir has been known to light up the gym with his shooting ability.

(PG/SF) Alex Kume: Alex was a player to watch his first season in the league. He can run an offense, get others involved, and at his height, get more rebounds than some other team big men. He has been away from UH, but I’m sure he’s been working on his game which we will see this upcoming season.

The Lifetime Team - Projected Record: 3-5

(SF) Brandon Andonoff: A young veteran player that can get you a low double-double on a consistent basis. Some teams like to sleep on Brandon until he force you to put him on your scouting report.

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