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GAITHERSBURG: Week Two Predictions

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

7:00pm - Virginia Tech vs Missouri

Each team is going to show up looking for a victory and it will likely go to the team that has the stronger bench. On opening night we witnessed the Hokies get blown out by 21, so expect them to come out aggressive against the Wildcats who pulled off a huge team win in their first game of the season. The 33 points of Remy Primas and clutch shooting and hustle plays from teammates Zach Mink and Sean Sweeney really made the difference in their Week 1 win. Jonathan Kim of Virginia Tech is excited to get back out in the floor and produce for his team. If he can get some help from a few other teammates they will have a chance down the stretch. 

Prediction - Wildcats by 2

8:00pm - Strayer vs Hampton

This is a must-watch game for anybody that loves competition like I do. Strayer is coming off a dominant Week 1 performance and hoping to do more of the same against Strayer. If they get big games from Jerry McFadden and Brandon Allen who had 42 points on opening night it will likely go their way. If Hampton gets other players plus Dwight “Lightning Bolt” Holmes to make some shots they will be even tougher to beat. Strayer is a defensively committed team so expect them to come out and try to extinguish any chance the Pirates have of catching fire. Players like Jamie Newton and Seth Needleman of Strayer are expected to come out and make big plays to help their team secure a win. I anticipate this game being a back and forth affair. 

Prediction- Pirates by 6