Can the Buckeyes Repeat as Champs?

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 1 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Boozers vs. Buckeyes

The defending champion Buckeyes will look to repeat and win consecutive titles as they had a fine Summer season. Vet B MVP Joe Paulk was a beast from downtown last season and will look to give it to the Buckeyes on opening night. He's so electric game in and game out and I anticipate him going off early. Paul Boag is a big-time defender and plays man-to-man defense with purity. I like Paul Sexton's game a lot and even though he misses shots from time to time, he never backs down and bounces back. The Boozers are led by Jason Salerno and Greg Goorjian, which is one of the best one-two punches in the Vet B league. Expect the duo to take control of this game and challenge the Buckeyes in tight situations. Watch out for Mike Wethington and potentially Don Brkovich to be difference makers and put up some key points. I really like Paulk's game for the Buckeyes and I truly believe the Buckeyes will start the season off right.

Prediction: Buckeyes -5.5

Those Guys vs. Houdini

Those Guys will be vying for their first regular season game in a long time as they'll face Houdini. Although Houdini's roster is still questionable, when a team named Houdini steps foot on the floor, it's going to be a ballgame. Zee Shan of Those Guys must take smart shots, take his time in transition and find the open man. Let's see if Hussain Hassanally can knock down some threes and keep up with Houdini. Until I see some improvements from Those Guys, they'll truly be considered against lower-tier teams. With that being said, Houdini is my favorite.  

Prediction: Houdini -20

Old School vs. GoodFellas

Jeff Jones, who has bounced around in the Vet B league, has brought on a team simply known as Goodfellas. Jones comes most notably from Summerlin in Disrecspekt and averaged 13.1 points per game last season. He'll being looking to make a statement against Old School His Goodfellas squad must stop Old School's premier players or they're going to have problems early. GM Michael Loyd should have all of his guys back, including big-man Alexander Gonzalez, Alex Cabrera, Dan Lumello and Shaun Story. This group of guys has been one of the lowest scoring teams in the league and relies a lot of perimeter defense and taking timely shots. Until I see some of the guys from Goodfellas, Old School has to be my favorite.

Prediction: Old School -4

44 Minutes vs. RudeDogs

Michael Cornachio and 44 Minutes will look for an 'upset' against Dan Orozco's RudeDogs in the season opener. Hopefully we'll see James Rice of the RudeDogs be on board this season as the power forward is such a difference-maker for any team he's on. Omari White is another special piece that the RudeDogs can rely on this season as he has such a smooth jumper and plays lights out on defense. I would like to see Orozco grab at least 15-plus rebounds and I believe he can do so against this 44 Minutes team. The RudeDogs have been an average team for a while now, and they have their sights on becoming a top-tier team. They should play this game with ease and capture a win to open the season.

Prediction: RudeDogs -18.5

OOMG vs. Alcoballics

Jay Schuttert and his Alcoballics will look for a hot start to the season as they'll face OOMG. Schuttert's Alcoballics can surprise teams in this league if they take smart shots, continue to run in transition and be a sizable team. Schuttert normally grabs doubles figures in rebounds and he should be able to average double figures. Luis Maceria was a special piece for the Alcoballics as he ran the point so well. He grabbed rebounds from nowhere, played physical basketball and had plenty of energy. I really want to see Maceria return for the Alcoballics and cause teams to potentially double-team him. For OOMG, they will most likely have the same group as they did last season with Sam Earl, Michael Carboni, L.C. Comine, Doug Castaneda and more. If this is the case, then they will be a top-three team most of the season. They're a strong, physical team and shoots the ball so well, not to mention they've been one of the top scoring teams in the league. I have to give the edge to OOMG based on their past experience to start a season.

Prediction: OOMG -8