Can Justice League Shield Their Title for Another Season?


SHELBY OPEN: Preseason Power Rankings

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

 1. Justice League

The Summer league champions are returning for another season to reclaim their title. Last season Dino Muhtarevic and Shane Ellis turned some heads while being a newly formed team in the league and winning a championship their first season. They have seemed to have made some adjustments due to losing some key components, but will it be enough for them to reclaim their title this season?

 2. Goblin Skillz

Goblin Skillz have been a reoccurring threat every season in the Shelby league. While maintaining multiple championships in the past and competing in the summer league championship, they came back this season to compete with adding some key factors with Nick Kosovich and Brian Ollie.

3. Dat Aint’ Fair

We have seen DAF consistently throughout the Shelby league. Last season they were bumped out of the first round of the playoffs by the Summer league champions, Justice League. Though Mckinsey Golfin and others missed some key games, they are back this season to clinch another playoff spot and have a chance to compete with some new players.

 4. Y-Lie

Y-Lie has also been a team that has ran the Shelby league for a long time. With numerous championships and runs in the playoffs, Johnnie Brown, Robert Tuner, and company are back again for the Shelby Fall league.

5. All or Nothing

This team is back at Shelby for the new Fall season. Last season the team had a rough season finishing 1-7 in the regular season. Still with a ton of talent on the team, some players surely made lasting impressions last season. Hopefully they come back this season stronger and make a statement as it appears team captain Jawuan Doggett has some good additions this season.

 6. Balken Brother Band

With this brand-new team, we will see how they can compete against some of the veteran teams. With there being more teams this year it brings more competition to the league with opportunity for others to standout.

7. The Lifetime Team

With the Lifetime Team being the second overall new formed team this season, they bring on more diversity to the league. It will be interesting to see their competitive drive and see how they handle other talent in the league.


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