Week in Review: 9.16.2017

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Villains, who are the number-one seed in the Summerlin Open League, have two teammates with connections to recent milestones. In their semifinal game on Monday, Chase Skinkis will play in his 300th game, the 66th player in UH to play in over 300 games. That game will be Hollis Hale’s 201st game. He played in his 200th in the Green Valley Open League, where Villains lost to JYD 80-79.

Chase Skinkis

Chase Skinkis

Kevin Chase played in his 350th career game on Thursday. It came in the championship game for the Minnesota Rec Playoffs, where Uncle Drew’s Kids played Run & Gun. Unfortunately for Kevin, his 350th game was a loss, as Run & Gun won the Summer championship in Fridley. Emmanuel Harrison, Kevin’s teammate, scored 16 points in the loss, which put him past 3,000 career points.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.40.04 PM.png


Mckinsey Golfin currently sits at 999 steals in his Ultimate Hoops career. He has a career average of 1.6 steals per game, so there’s a good chance that he will get his 1,000th steal in his next game, which is on Wednesday in the Shelby Open League.

Max Miller-Hooks scored nine points in his most recent game in the Veterans B League in Green Valley. Those nine points put him at exactly 2,500 career points.

Top Performances

Points: Roland Millien – 47 (Metrowest Draft)

Rebounds: Travis Scribner – 30 (Summerlin Rec)

Assists: Chad Cribbs – 13 (Alpharetta Open)

Steals: Terrel Thomas – 7 (Dallas Open)

Blocks: Travis Scribner – 6 (Summerlin Rec)

Check out Travis Scribner's stats from Born & Raised's 79-67 win over Hickory Huskers.

Check out Travis Scribner's stats from Born & Raised's 79-67 win over Hickory Huskers.

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