Peyton Dixon is a basketball thespian

Peyton Dixon and the Pilots won the 2016 Dream League Championship

Peyton Dixon and the Pilots won the 2016 Dream League Championship

Q: What is your favorite Ultimate Hoops memory? 

A: Favorite memory would have to be the first [Dream League] finals game against the Knights. Dewan [Grant] was constantly getting to the basket, I was on the wing following and every time he wanted me to cut because to be honest I was open but I would fade to the three point line. After a good five or six times of me doing that, he and Seth [Jonker] got on me about it. Which turned out great because I had an 8 point run right after that. A three, a cut to the basket contested layup that I missed but I got the scrap rebound and put it in, and then another three. It was, some say the run that put game one away.

Q: Who in your league is the hardest player to guard?

A: Honestly the hardest person to guard happened to be on my team, Seth Jonker. He could kill you inside and out, and with his size there wasn't much anyone could to do stop him.

Q: Who in your league has the best shoe game?

Deandre Agee of the Griffins

Deandre Agee of the Griffins

A: Shoe game definitely goes to Deandre Agee. Every couple of weeks he would come in with something new and fresh on. 

Q: If you could only watch three television shows, what would they be?

A: The shows I could watch forever are NCIS, Parks and Rec (Ron Swanson, all that needs to be said), and Hell's Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares. 

Q: Fill in the blank… Kevin Durant going to the Warriors is ________.

A: A choice he made so deal with it. 

Everyone is doing it now and it's not even that big of a deal. I will say that I would much rather watch college ball because a lot of NBA players are babies. Biggest one being Lebron James. Makes me miss the games I watched in the 90's.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do away from a basketball court?

Peyton Dixon waits to hear his name called at last December's Dream League Draft

Peyton Dixon waits to hear his name called at last December's Dream League Draft

A: My favorite thing to do outside of basketball is acting. Polar opposites (unless you are in the NBA, another Bron reference) but musical theatre is another hobby of mine that takes up a good chunk of my time. The Twin Cities theatre scene is dope! If you want a taste come see me in Teen Idol: A Bobby Vee Story at the History Theatre in St. Paul all of October (shameless plug). 

Q: Your pre-game playlist must include which artist?

A: My pregame playlist has to include Childish Gambino. Freeks and Geeks gets me so hyped for a game!

Q: Your favorite quote is what?

A: Favorite quote right now goes to my man J. Cole, "We ain’t picture perfect but we're worth the picture still". That one line holds so much truth. We sometimes forget our worth so for me it's a good reminder.

Q: Your city is the nation’s best basketball city because…..

A: My city is the nation's best basketball city because if you can compete against great competition, compete against eight months of winter and extreme cold, and deal with the last four months of construction that tries to keep you from getting anywhere. It only means one thing. Certified Baller!