Which UH League Players Play Like Tim Duncan?

Which Ultimate Hoops players are most like the "Big Fundamentals"?

Which Ultimate Hoops players are most like the "Big Fundamentals"?

In our ongoing NBA CLONES series, our regional staff will match Ultimate Hoops League players with their NBA clones. This edition, the recently retired Tim Duncan.

Darrick Wilkins - Atlanta

submitted by David Votta – Atlanta Region Coordinator

Darrick is the ultimate team player.  He has a great shot and touch, outstanding rebounder, and is very fundamentally sound.  He currently has the stats similar of the older of Tim Duncan, but he sacrifices his game to fit into his roll on the team. He can easily give you 20 and 10 any night.


Robert Swift – California

submitted by Ryan Hensley - West Desert & Pacific Region

Robert Swift resembles Tim Duncan because of his soft shot on the outside, his old school meets new school post play, and his positive attitude on the court. The biggest difference is that Rob is more physical.


Chris Prescott - Illinois

submitted by Corin Chesterson - Chicago Region Coordinator

Similar to Duncan, Chris is probably the most soft spoken person in the gym, but his game speaks volumes.  He is a great team player.  He listens, takes criticism extremely well and doesn’t ask for much.  All he wants to do is win and hope that his team has gotten better because of it.  Chris is very efficient from the field with a league total over 50%.  An automatic double-double, Chris will frustrate his opponents by grabbing an offensive rebound or 3, score on a put back layup and quietly run back down the court to play tough defense.  Like Duncan, Chris will sit on the bench with a little smirk on his face knowing he just owned you on both the offensive and defense side of the court.  Luckily we don’t have any Joey Crawford's to T him up for it though because it’s fun to watch!


Josh Hunter – Arizona

submitted by Donald Dangmuk - West Desert & Pacific Region Coordinator

Josh Hunter from team Quiet Storm in Gilbert is my Tim Duncan comparison.  Josh Hunter is not the most athletic big man but in my opinion is one of the most fundamentally sound post players we have in all of Ultimate Hoops Arizona.  His footwork inside and post moves are comparable to Tim Duncan.  He’s not as big and tall as most post guys in our league but his craftiness inside makes up for it.  He has a nice shot from 15 feet and has all the intangibles Tim Duncan has.  He might not be as dominant as Tim was but there is no doubting Josh gets buckets in the paint. 

Matt Hamel - Minnesota

submitted by Zach Neubauer - Minnesota Region Coordinator

When I think of Tim Duncan, I think of someone who has great footwork in the low post and is a great rebounder. That is Matt Hamel. He averages 15 points and 11 rebounds per game with a 50/50 split between offensive and defensive rebounds. He fights for position like a pro and is able to hit that Duncan 12-footer with consistency.