Which UH League Players Match King James?

Which UH Players can handle the weight of King James' crown?

Which UH Players can handle the weight of King James' crown?

In our ongoiong NBA CLONES series, our regional staff will match Ultimate Hoops League players with their NBA clones. This edition, LeBron James.

Marco Clark - Colorado

Submitted by Jasmin Williams

Marco would be the left handed version of LeBron. His size and athleticism creates huge matchup problems in the paint, especially when he gets a full steam of speed behind him.  He has a better perimeter game than LeBron, but is his equal when it comes to drawing double teams, creating, and finding better scoring opportunities for his teammates.  Having career averages of 15.2 points per game, 62% shooting from the field, 45% from deep, 6 rebounds, and 1.8 steals per game. If you haven't seen Marco in all his glory ask those who've been made into a poster.


Jon Baldwin - Arizona

Submitted by Donald Dangmuk, West Desert & Pacific Region Regional Manager

Our closest resemblance of LeBron James would have to be former NFL wide receiver Jon Baldwin who just joined our league for the first time this past season.  He’s 6'5" and 235 lbs.  He’s by far the best athlete we have in our Phoenix Leagues.  He can jump out the gym and is strong as a rock.  He’s averaging 36 points and 9 rebounds per game this season for the Regulators in Gilbert.  He can go inside and outside like Lebronand score in a variety of ways. 


Paris Kyles - Minnesota

Submitted by Reid Nelson, National Leagues Manager, Minnesota

When you think of King James you think of a player who makes everyone around him better.  In Minnesota, that player is Paris Kyles.  Kyles has two Ultimate Hoops National Titles and was a runner-up in two more.  He has 7 UH titles in total and has scored 5,537 points in only 233 games, good for an average of 23.7 per game.


Ike Akotaobi - Texas

Submitted by Brandon Barkley, Dallas Regional Coordinator

Ike Akotaobi is built like LeBron James at a physically imposing 6’6’’, 235 lbs.  He is a strong driver with a sweet stroke and solid all-around game.  He offers matchup problems for just about any wing in Plano.  On the season he is averaging a very King James like 24.9 points per game while adding 4.3 rebounds per game.


Michael Skinner - Colorado

Submitted by Erick Saengchanh, Westminster League Coordinator

Michael doesn’t have the physical appearance of LeBron but boy, can he ball out like LeBron.He’s unstoppable when driving to the rim, he plays both ends of the court, and he makes his teammates better.  This season, Michael is top 10 in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Can you say MVP?


Mike Mastro - New York

Submitted by James Mooney, Northeast Regional Manager

Any LeBron James clone needs to be able to do everything: rebound, pass, score, create.  Mike Mastro is the epitome of that.  He has such an impact on every game he plays because there isn't much he can't do.  He can shoot, take you off the dribble, get to the foul line, rebound the ball and go the length of the floor.  Without Mastro, there is no unstuck***(what???) and certainly no 11 championships.


Taliaferro Roots - Chicago

Submitted by Corin Chesterson, Chicago Regional Coordinator

Taliaferro, AKA Fast N' Ferious, AKA "T", is widely regarded in UH Chicago folklore as the league bully due to his size & strength being at 6'4" and 225 lbs.  Knowing "T” now, it could have been self-annointed.  Similar to Lebron, he often looks for little things to get him motivated during games.  He is probably the biggest and strongest guy in our league, so when he gets a full head of steam going to the basket, all you can do is to try and wrap him up.  One thing he does have on Lebron though is a full hairline!