The Ultimate Hoops Dream League is the closest thing to playing in the NBA. It's a true, individual experience where your career begins at a player showcase followed by an annual Dream League draft, 16-game regular season, then playoffs where $5,000 in cash prizes is on the line.

Every skill level has value and a place in the Dream League.  Why?  Because with the league's $100 million Skill Salary Cap, GMs must build the best team, not simply draft the best players.  Based on how players perform at their player showcase, they get assigned a skill salary ranking ranging from $1 million to $25 million.  A GM must draft a team of 9 players while staying under the salary cap.

What to learn more?  Listen to Dream League creator Reid Nelson's podcast which details every aspect of the Dream League's upcoming 2017 season.

2017 Dream League Key Dates & Details

- Must be an Oynx-Level Member of Life Time Fitness

- All games are played on Monday and Tuesday nights at the Life Time Athletic- Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis.

- Cost is $15 per week

- New players must participate in ONE showcase to be eligible for the draft 

- Cash prizes totaling $5,000

- Draft is Friday December 16th, 2016 at Life Time Athletic- Target Center

- 16 game regular season starts in January 2017

Upcoming Showcase Dates

Maximum of 12 players per showcase, first to register are in. Cost of player showcase is $15 which includes a Ultimate Hoops Never Retire tee.


- Monday, Dec 5th  6pm to 7:30pm at Life Time Athletic- Target Center

Have more questions? Email Reid.


PODCAST: Learn more about the 2017 Dream League Season

VIDEO: Dream League Overview


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Available Free Agents (updated June 21, 11:41AM)

Miles Webb $23 million

Omar Omar $16 million

Lorenzo Butler $16 million

Valentino Jackson $13 million

John Jones $11 million




Alex Herrmann $9 million

Terrell Gould $7 million

Talonzale Thompson $6 million

James Armstrong $6 million

John Dong $6 million

Lado Jobava $6 million



Isaiah Garry $5 million

Marques Solomon $5 million

Kevin Poland $5 million

Quentin Hewitt $5 million

Owen Leslie $4 million

Phillip Leslie $4 million


Dominique Maynor $3 million

Kwame Plato $3 million

Jordan Helgeland $3 million

Jeremy Vardaman $2 million

Andrew Turvey $2 million

Charles Harvey $2 million


Current Rosters (updated June 21, 11:40AM) 

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