Free Agent? 6 Steps To Joining The Ultimate Hoops Recreational League


As National Manager of League Operations, I am approached by multiple players each season, all with questions about how they can join Ultimate Hoops as a free agent.  I tell them if they follow the 6 steps below they will find themselves on a franchise in no time.

1.     Submit Free Agent FormIt helps to put it out there that you are interested.  Make sure to put as much information in the form as you are able.  TIP:  Most franchises already have their go-to scoring threat.  Put down what else you may excel at.  Defense, rebounding, hustle are a great place to start.

2.     Start Playing Pickup Ball.  We have multiple pickup ball games going at any given time.  Get out there and meet some new players.  Many of them are a part of the league and might have space on their roster, or know someone else who is looking. 

TIP:  The Life Time Fitness basketball community is very tight nit.  The more you play the more people you will meet.

3.     Work on that jumper.  Ultimate Hoops Training has numerous training options to help your game.

4.     Start your own franchise.  Tired of looking for a team?  Start your own.  Use the free agent tracker to find players who are in a situation similar to you. 

5.     Connecting with your Regional Coordinator.  Your region or league coordinator has the inside info on all the latest free agent movement and rumors.  Find your coordinator here and start networking today.

6.     Check out a league night.  Search here for information on the next league night in your area.  Not a Life Time Fitness member?  Request a One-Day Pass.

Remember, nobody wants a player who will put up 20 shots a game, not come out of the game when asked, and is good for a technical a week.  Don’t be that player and you’ll find yourself in the spotlight as soon as this Fall Season.