Help Us Create Our Music Playlist, Win A Ultimate Hoops Basketball Gift Pack


Music and basketball are synonymous for me. When I hear the song Eminence Front, I don't think of The Who. It's the Dallas Mavericks player introductions that I associate the song to. (Sorry, Who fans.)

Studies have shown listening to music actually improves sports performance in five key areas: dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills, and attainment of flow.

How connected are athletes and their tunes? When the New York City Marathon banned runners from listening to music in 2007, hundreds of runners defied the new rule and risked disqualification from the race—such was their desire to run to the sound of their own beat. 

At Ultimate Hoops, such a ban is unimaginable. I love walking into a gym before a Ultimate Hoops League game and hearing pregame music playing from the scorers table or seeing players in a layup line wearing headphones, getting their "attainment of flow" on before a game.

With all different types of music being played on our courts at Life Time Fitness, we want to collect song submissions from our players and fans to create a Ultimate Hoops Playlist. We'll share the playlist on our Beats Music page and on [You may even hear it at Fall Season Ultimate Hoops League Game starting in October.]

To make this a reality, start submitting your favorite basketball pregame song. There are three ways to make your submissions:

  • You can post them in the comments section below
  • Submit them via twitter with hashtag #UHPlaylist
  • Or post them on our Facebook page

Please make your submissions by September 26th. 1 song per submission, please.  Those who submit will also be entered into a drawing for a UH Gift pack of a Never Retire T-shirt and a Ultimate Hoops branded Spalding Basketball (image below).


Thanks for your help in creating the playlist. Look forward to sharing it with all of you.