10 Questions: Dylan Loucks on guarding, defeating Beau Barney

Dyland Loucks (right) with Richard Peterson

Dyland Loucks (right) with Richard Peterson

Q: What is your favorite Ultimate Hoops memory? 

A: Assisting Mike Skinner for the win two seasons ago with a behind the back pass or beating Beau [Barney's] team.

Q: Who in your league is the hardest player to guard?

A: Probably Beau Barney

Q: Who in your league has the best shoe game?

A: Nick Nizam

Q: If you could only watch three television shows, what would they be?

A: I don't really watch TV, but 'Prison Break' was pretty good. 

Q: Fill in the blank… Kevin Durant going to the Warriors is ________.

A: Going to be interesting

Q: What is your favorite thing to do away from the basketball court?

A: Life weights or snowboard

Q: Your best basketball friend is who?

A: Seth Arellano or Alfredo Gracia or Richard Peterson

Q: Your pre-game playlist must include which artist?

A: Logic, Russ, Young Thug, Future. Anything really 

Q: Your favorite quote is what?

A: "Only the mediocre are always at their best" -Jean Giraudoux

Q: Your city is the nation’s best basketball city because…..

A: That's just the way it is I guess. We have people who love the game and very talented players. Also we have a lot of younger college age kids so we have youth on our side haha.