STAT STARS: This Week We Honor Our Veterans

Who has the top stats in UH League history?

Who has the top stats in UH League history?

We’re taking this week’s Stat Stars in a different direction to honor our league veterans. Full disclosure, I took notice of players that have just recently joined our respective Milestone Clubs- stats compiled from a player’s entire career.


William Holvoet, Las Vegas – 2,509 rebounds

Holvoet has kept himself busy this summer season as he holds stock in both New Edition and The Krows in our Summerlin and Green Valley open leagues. Averaging 12.7 rebounds on the season in both leagues, Holvoet has been a major contributor in consistently getting his team the ball back. 


Josh Hunter, Gilbert, AZ – 2,509 rebounds

Hunter is committed to his team, Quiet Storm.  We can’t help but give some credit to Hunter’s willingness to get in the paint and fight for the ball. Week 3 in particular was a huge week for Hunter as he pulled down 23 rebounds. The Storm have been anything but quiet as they are white hot at 5-0 on the season and it is clear that Hunter’s efforts on the glass have been a contributing factor.

Both Holvoet and Hunter have recently made their way into our Rebound Milestone Club as they tie at a career total 2,509 rebounds.


Parris Curren, Dallas/Plano – 1,535 assists

Curren, although currently living in Texas, is a homegrown Minnesotan and his teams, Gym Rats (Dallas) and Bucket Squad (Plano), have been witnesses to this guy’s unselfish play.

Ranking #5 in games played (464), Curren has certainly put in the hours and has deservingly become a part of Ultimate Hoops history. Hope Texas is treating you well, Parris.


Ryan Samuelson, Bloomington South, MN – 1,568 assists

Mr. Samuelson has also kept himself busy as he ranks #9 in games (450) and #4 in points (7,765) all-time. Not only has Samuelson found himself in this week’s Stats Standouts, but he’s also been compared to the reigning NBA MVP, Wardell Stephen Curry II. That’s one heckuva week and knowing Samuelson’s assisting habits, he’d probably pass this off to someone else. Congrats, Ryan!


Josh Hoyle, Minnesota – 1,587 assists

Now as a fellow 5’7” ‘er (I’m actually 5’6 ¾”, but if Garnett and Durant can be 6’11”/6’9” respectively, I can be 5’7”), I have a certain respect for Josh as he has displayed that size does not matter on the court. Also sitting in the Top 10 all-time of games, points, and steals, Hoyle’s Ultimate Hoops career has me at a slow clap with a single tear running down my cheek.

Here’s to you, Josh. You’re making all of us “fun-sized” guys proud!


Izzy Elkaffas, Minnesota – 1,613 assists

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy….Izzayyyy, Izzaronie, Izzy-or-Izzn’t-y, what can’t we say about this guy – he does it all! Playing in two recreational leagues, Fridley (Fob Five) and Bloomington South (Guerrillas), as well as GMing the Pilots, Ultimate Hoops’ first Dream League Champions, there’s hardly anything this guy can’t do! Izzy’s a giver and were not only talking about his time as he rings in at #12 in our all-time career Assists Milestone Club. If there was a Mother Teresa award for the most giving player in Ultimate Hoops, Mr. Elkaffas would certainly be in the running.

Be sure to check out this story on the Mad Jester himself!


McKinsey Golfin, Detroit- 10,778 points

How could I write about some of our milestone players and not touch on our all-time #1 points leader, McKinsey Golfin. Playing in 3 leagues throughout Michigan’s Townships, Golfin has been involved in 490 Ultimate Hoops games.

With 13 championships under his belt, Golfin is a dependable veteran but plays like a hungry rookie each and every time he steps on the court. Congratulations on the title, McKinsey!