STAT STARS: Unstoppable Meets Unmovable, Problems in Paradise, The Rhode Less Traveled


 This week in Ultimate Hoops Summer League…

Who Wants It More? – Warrenville, IL

As the dog days of summer continue on, it’s hard not to notice that our Ultimate Hoops summer leagues are soon to be coming to a close. This is certainly prevalent in Warrenville, IL as both the Eskimo Brothers & Fast and Furious are both sitting pretty at an undefeated 6-0 record on the season. What makes this story notable is that there’s only 1 week that separates these two giants from colliding as they play each other in their final week of summer league.

As of right now, it would appear that the Eskimo Brothers have the upper hand looking at their team stats for the season. The Bros lead their league in points, rebounds & blocks while they hold 3rd in points allowed, assists, and steals. Where Fast and Furious hold an edge is with points allowed (they are 2nd). All other categories, they average 6th in their league.

It is important to note that these two have yet to go head-to-head so regardless of league stats, they’ll both have to bring their A-game to prove who stands superior. Good luck, gentlemen in your final weeks of UH summer league!


Problems in Paradise – Mountain Brook, GA

You may recall earlier this summer we touched on a team by the name of Killa Beez and how they held a 20-1 record coming into Mountain Brooks summer open league. Well, it would appear that there’s havoc in the hive as the Beez have dropped their last two games. Back-to-back losses have never happened in the team’s history. In league ranking, the Beez hold a 2.33 average ranking in stats including 1st in points allowed (64 pts per game). It would seem the team’s defense was checked at the door as both the Follies 2.0 and Team Alpharetta Life Time scored 83 and 64 points, respectively. It was the game against the Follies 2.0 where the Beez fell short at a score of 58-83. Douglas Rhodes of the Follies 2.0 was a major factor as he put up a triple-double boxscore (stay tuned).

Hopefully the Beez can bring it back together as they take on No More Losses this next week who happen to lead their league with a 5-0 record.


Rhode to Success – Mountain Brook, GA

As previously mentioned, Douglas Rhodes of Follies 2.0 recently had an outstanding week while swatting the Killa Beez. Posting a 28-10-12 boxscore, Rhodes put on a clinic as the Follies downed the Beez with a score of 83-58. This is no isolated incident, either, as Rhodes holds a nice season average boxscore of 13.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.1 assists (Rhodes leads his team in assists). Teammate Brent Jones also showed up to play as he posted a double-double this week with a 15-15-2 boxscore. It would seem the Follies have a shot at the ‘Ship this year as they hold a 4-2 record just below No More Losses who are 5-0. With the Killa Beez sliding these past two games, it’s crucial the Follies show up to play these last two games. Got get it, Follies!

Bargain Shopping

Dylan Hansel – Green Valley, NV

This week’s bargain players kicks off with Dylan Hansel of Green Valley, NV. Hansel rings in at a $10,461,604 PPV, but he certainly hasn’t been playing like it. Just this past week, Hansel put up a 24-5-7 boxscore as he and his team, the Hickory Huskers. Moved past their opponent with a score of 89-81. What’s important to note, however, is that Hansel has been putting up scores like these all season long. With a season average boxscore of 29.3-10-6.3, it’s a head-scratcher as to how he’s not rated with a higher PPV. Regardless, I know your team is certainly proud to have you by their side as they hold a solid 5-1 record on the season. Keep up the great work!

Adam Bickerstaff – Gilbert, AZ

Our next bargain player goes to an Adam Bickerstaff of Gilbert, AZ. Bickerstaff has established himself as one of the hottest scorers in his league. With a modest $7,888,530 PPV, but a season average 35.3 points per game, it’s hard to believe Bickerstaff wasn’t given more. Bickerstaff and his team, the AZ Ballers, certainly have their work cut out for them, though, as they are in a 3-way tie for 2nd place in their league, all with a 5-3 record. Quiet Storm leads the league with a 8-0 record so these boys have to make something happen these next few weeks if they want a shot at taking down Quiet Storm.

Congrats, Adam, on being one of our Ultimate Hoops bargain players of the week. Best of luck on the rest of the season!