John Thomas on his professional career

John Thomas was selected 25th overall by the New York Knicks in the 1997 NBA draft.  What happened over the course of the next 16 years was a series of ups and downs that he couldn’t have possibly imagined.

John takes the listeners through his days growing up in Minneapolis to his current profession as the National Manager of Training for Ultimate Hoops on this week's episode of 'CANDID: with Candice Wiggins'. 

6:00 – John discusses the beginning of his playing career
“I was 6’7’’ and had no athleticism.” – John Thomas

11:00 – Draft night and what went into it
“I must have worked out for 18 teams.” – John Thomas

17:00 – John’s NBA journey begins  
“The best organizations understand how to maximize the value of their athletes.” – John Thomas

21:00 – John is traded for the first time
“I called my agent, I cried.” – John Thomas

31:00 – John retires from basketball
“I was in build my business, hang out and play video games [mode]” – John Thomas 

35:00 – John returns to basketball
“Everywhere I went I tried to immerse myself in the culture.” – John Thomas

50:00 – The culture of the NBA
“It’s a machine.” – John Thomas

55:00 – John retires from basketball
“How am I going to make enough money to survive? I don’t have these basketball skills anymore and that was the only thing that defined me.” – John Thomas

1:03:00 – John joins Ultimate Hoops
“My job history was working at Big Wheel Rossi, interning at the University of Minnesota and security.” – John Thomas