HOOP CLICKS: Team USA Sings Sweet Music

Who knew Team USA could sing? photo via thevillagesuntimes.com

Who knew Team USA could sing? photo via thevillagesuntimes.com

Chasing the Gold Medal in Sing-Alongs

This pleasant, happy video of Olympic Men's Basketball teammates Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving singing along to 2000's very good song 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton is multi-nuanced and very relatable. 

We've all been Butler/Irving; singing along to pop songs from a decade-and-a-half ago. We've all been DeMar DeRozan, filming some crazy people with our smart phone for some good Twitter content. We've all been Kevin Durant, wrapped up in a blanket for warmth but also that E.T. look.

But the best part of this video is at the end, when Carmelo Anthony gives an irritated side-glance at the fools singing too loudly on his plane.

Jason Williams and Mike Bibby team up to chase $2 Million

Check out this highlight clip of passing magician Jason Williams and shifty guard Mike Bibby teaming up for a tournament where the winners get $2 million. Williams is especially still fun to watch. And since they fell just short of the prize, they've both said that they will enter again next year... giving us at least one more clip of fresh J-Will video.

Adidas Continues to be Bold

Feeling adventurous? These Adidas Crazy Explosive basketball shoes, which Andrew Wiggins has been wearing in advertisements, are some high-cut enigmas. These are the kind of shoes you either love or hate. There's a rumored low version coming out, as well.