TOP PLAYERS: Chicago's Ross, Denver's Loomis Highlight Opening Week

Troy Ross' Player Profile. View Ross' full stats.

Troy Ross' Player Profile. View Ross' full stats.

Each week, I'll be digging through the hundreds of Ultimate Hoops League games to find the most interesting and fun stats of the week. If you have a tip on a UH player who had an incredible week and think the rest of UH Nation should know about it, email me with a short paragraph and picture/video, if possible, about the stand-out performance. 


Honeybadgers, Warrenville League, Chicago, IL

                  Let’s talk redemption. This past spring season, the Honeybadgers finished with an less-than-satifactory 0-9 record. However, it would seem that these boys are on the upswing. Although we are only one week in, the Badgers pulled out a season-opening win. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye on these boys to see if they can pull the ol’ switcheroo this season.


Troy Ross, Warrenville, Chicago, IL

                  Ross was definitely feeling like Tony Stark this week. Absent the past couple of years, Ross has returned to Ultimate Hoops and did so with a bang. Joining the Honeybadgers, Ross had a crucial part in starting off the season hot including a go-ahead 3-point shot with the team down 74-72 and only 35 seconds remaining.

Welcome back, Troy, it’s been too long.


Greg Loomis, Westminster, CO

                  If there’s one thing that stands out to us here at Ultimate Hoops, it’s when the guy you least expect pulls out an all-star performance and that man was Loomis this week. With a PPV (Player Performance Value), Loomis comes in at a humble $2,139,600, the box score certainly did not reflect this.  Loomis finished with a triple-double (21 pts, 14 reb, 23 ast) in his opening week of UH summer league.

Keep up the great work, Greg and before you know it you’ll have a Mozgov-like contract.