Can you identify the real Michael Jordan?

Can you identify the real Michael Jordan?

Living out their dreams

It's hard for me to think of anything clever to say about this collection of photos (see below) other than it's several grown men going about their day dressed in full-game uniforms. The one guy who is actually playing basketball is somewhat understandable... if he's, like, a really big Michael Jordan fan... but the guys at the bank and the zoo with full unis are really thriving in a different way. Props to them for potentially giving a child the experience of thinking they saw LeBron pushing a stroller at the zoo.

Here's some footage of MJ guy putting in some serious work on defense. It evokes flashbacks of those 1990s title teams, for sure.

Dissecting the 3-point shot

"When the 3-point line was introduced, teams didn't even sink one per game. Now they hit almost nine a game."

If you like basketball (who doesn't?) and you like statistics, SB Nation's Jon Bois did a sweet breakdown of the 3-point shot and how it has evolved over the last 35-some years in the NBA. Then he did a re-count of the entire 2015-2016 NBA season and how it would have turned out WITHOUT a 3-point option.

I scored very poorly in college stats, but even I found some cool tidbits out of this video and the accompanying graphs. Go ahead and check it out, as Jon Bois takes you through his alternate basketball universe.