HOOP CLICKS: Revisiting A Classic Nike Commercial

Vince Carter in the classic Nike commercial from 2001

Vince Carter in the classic Nike commercial from 2001

A Look Back at Nike's 2001 "Freestyle" Commercial

The "Freestyle" commercial that Wieden+Kennedy produced for Nike in 2001 came out when I was in 6th grade; for me, that was when my love for sneakers, hip-hop and basketball started intersecting. This ad featured all three, and I could not stop watching. Vince Carter, Lamar Odom, Rasheed Wallace, Darius Miles and several more hoop stars from the early 2000s all star.

Check out this Vice article from 2015 where Alex Wong speaks with director Paul Hunter on the extremely memorable video shoot from 15 years ago. Watch the commercial below.


"Possibly the Greatest Video Ever."

This tweet proclaims the video it's paired with as "possibly the greatest video ever," and we're having a hard time disagreeing.

Give it a watch... and then a retweet. After all, we've all most likely had our own struggles with a Fisher-Price hoop.